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Flint is still a good place to live

Flint's Fire Department is over-worked due to the fires
Flint's Fire Department is over-worked due to the fires

Despite the fact that Flint is riddled with crime and stories in the news about crime, its still a good place to be from, and to raise a family. Its admitted that murders, since the first of the year, have reached 53. That, yes, there have been over 400 fires, since that same time span. And, yet, even in the bad news a small silver lining may be found, if one looks closely enough.

For instance, the nation has been given day to day coverage about the “serial slasher” as he has been called, but people miss the small kernel of goodness to come out of that story last summer. Despite the gruesome nature of his crimes, most of his victims apparently were more than willing to help him, before he struck them with his blade.

When first hearing of the attacks last summer the cynic in you, immediately says, why would you offer to help a stranded motorist at one or two o'clock in the morning, on the north side, which is certainly a higher crime ridden area than anywhere else in the “Vehicle City?” It must be because even those persons who can't sleep at that time of night, still feel a sense helping out a stranded motorist, despite the fact that he had to have known his way into the area where, he apparently was planning to make most of his strikes, against mostly black "good samaritans" on the north side. If you're only a couple of blocks away from Pierson Road and a white looking gentleman, stops and asks you for directions to get there, might not a cynical person, conclude that if he has gotten that far without your help, what prevents him from finding the street he claims to not know how to find. Perhaps that's why Flint is still a good place to live, because not everyone is quite as cynical as the person, who refuses to give directions or support due to the time of night or time of location.

Another reason why Flint is still a good place to live has to do with its changed nature. Back in the day, General Motors Corporation located its Buick Motor Division in the fair city. And in 1978 nearly 30,000 middle class citizens called GM home, away from home, as they made their living in one of the plants here.

Now, we are proudly informed that Flint has become University Town, due to the over 30,000 college students attending classes at one of the four major colleges in town. Mott College, U of M-Flint, Kettering University, and Baker's College have attracted the eager intellectual ones to one of their campuses and curriculum's. The major hotel, The Regency Riverfront Hotel has become the fanciest dorm one can imagine, and any of the students may live there, if they can afford, the rent. The former Durant Hotel, named for GM founder Billy C. Durant, has become another place where students may temporarily call their home while hitting the books in town.

The former Great Lakes Technology Center on south Saginaw street, which was one of the locations for the 36' “UAW Sitdowners Strike,” has become the proving grounds for Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, which has plans to go nationwide and increase its hiring to match its future growth. Check out the story on MLIVE, which ran the story at this address: (

Finally, if you judge the satisfaction the famous find in their home town, then the reestablishment of living arrangement involving some of the FlintStones, like Courtney Hawkins, Mateen Cleaves and Andre Rison, who are living and coaching and enlightening the young aspiring athletes in the area to greatness like their famous predecessors, the FlintStones, is all the evidence you need to realize that we are not turning out the lights on Flint – but instead we are adding quite a few more high tech bulbs to the equation.


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