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Flint, is not still a good place to live!

66 year old man just stood his ground
66 year old man just stood his ground
The Flint Journal

Flint's two vehicular manslaughters most troubling


The month of September, saw two people killed by vehicular manslaughter in Flint.

While those numbers don’t come close to matching the deaths by violence, this year so far, they are more unsettling. Because in each situation, the victims were pedestrians not involved in any type of criminal behavior.

Misty Kurma, 13, was struck and killed on Tobias and Saginaw Street, September 30, as she crossed the street, to attend a nearby church. Apparently, 28-year-old Flint resident, Mark A. Blount, was fleeing police, when his vehicle crossed the center line southbound on Saginaw striking Kurma. Police were trailing Blount, wanted for an outstanding federal warrant for distribution of heroin and a probation violation warrant. A fully marked state police car activated a siren for about 10-seconds, before the girl was hit by the van. Police arrested the suspect after a short foot chase.

According to the Flint Journal newspaper, at, “the city had 44 homicides through Wednesday --- already exceeding the number of homicides it had in each of 2007, 2008, 2009, before last year’s record-breaking 66 slayings.” For statistics on murders in the Vehicle City last year see the article: Flint, still is number one for violent crime in the...
by William Crockerham, Flint Examiner.

September 3rd, Jewell Baxter, 66, a former football star at the now closed Flint Central High School, was just standing his ground. “None of us are really sure what happened,” said Kimberly Baxter-Brown, 42, of Flint Township. “What we do know is it ended in a horrible tragedy.”

“Baxter-Brown’s father, Jewell Baxter, was struck by a red full-sized pickup truck about 7:35 p.m. Saturday on Gloucester Street near South Dexter Street. Police said an argument at a nearby home led to the incident.”

Both suspects are now lodged in the Genesee County Jail. Meanwhile, the city of Flint is being held hostage by the most violent city in the country moniker.