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Flight Design CTLSi light sport aircraft is a bestseller on the market

A very impressive LSA airplane
A very impressive LSA airplane
Flight Design

Flight Design CTLSi light sport airplane


It's among the most expensive - but also the best light sport airplanes on the market: The Flight Design CTLSi is the latest version of the CT optimized for the Light Sport Aircraft rules of the United States and is shipped with the new 912Si fuel injected Rotax engine. Flight Design has integrated this latest engine into the popular CTLS and given it the designator “i”. The features.

  • 21% lower fuel consumption
  • Larger amperage alternator
  • Lighter Li Ion battery
  • Lower 80 RPM trigger speed for ignition (smooth starts when cold)
  • Faster engine responsiveness
  • Greater engine smoothness
  • New Header Tank and associated plumbing along with a selectable fuel valve
  • Less emissions
  • Electric Trim now Standard
  • Cowling changes
  • One extra gallon of fuel
  • New motor mount
  • Relief from carburetor balancing requirement
  • Perfect start-up and shut-down and idle, just like a car

According to the manufacturer, the CTLSi is a step forward with its carbon fiber airframe providing the same strong, light and smooth aerodynamic design of the CTLS.

Airplane's panels all feature Synthetic vision, XM weather and Terrain information! The new CTLS Club begins the line up with a standard 7″ SkyView panel on the left side, a centrally located Garmin Area 510 touchscreen GPS and dependable UMA analog engine instrument panel on the right.

However, the standard panel for the CTLS and CTLSi feature dual 7″ Skyview screens, single ADAHRS (Air Data computer) UMA back up flight instrument and a Garmin Aera 510 GPS. Upgraded panels include the dual 10” SkyView with redundant ADAHRS, Dynon Mode S transponder, TIS traffic and the new Garmin 796 for a triple redundant GPS system.

For the most demanding pilots, the advanced panels with the Garmin G3X and new Area GNS 550 and GNS 750 are also featured on the new CTLSi. All of these exciting new panels give LSA pilots large glass panel displays with capabilities only found in the big jets just a few years ago.

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