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Flat panel micathermic heater is a plus in bitter, winter weather

DēLonghi Micathermic radiator is a fav with dog, Penny
DēLonghi Micathermic radiator is a fav with dog, Penny
Image by Andrea Campbell

Micathermic Flat Panel Radiator by DēLonghi


It’s been said a Polar Vortex swept through the country—a circulation of strong, upper level winds with bitter cold. Brr. Even the south is seeing its share of record low chilling temperatures. That’s why we’re doubly happy to tell you about a space heater we received and tried out from DēLonghi.

We tested out the Mica, model HMP1500; technically called the Micathermic Flat Panel Radiator. DēLonghi makes other models from radiant heaters to ceramic and fan heaters but we especially like the Mica.

Its best features are:

* It is light-weight and portable; easy to assemble

* It can roll around (from room to room if necessary) on strong casters

* The Mica is thin and can be hung on the wall! (Great for apartments)

* It is more modern looking than most space heaters

* You can dial in the heat: with the adjustable thermostat and two heat settings; choose the HIGH setting for 1500 watts or the LOW setting for 750 watts.

To maintain the unit, just do a simple dust when completely off and cool. If necessary, you can vacuum any accumulated dirt with an attachment.

Retails for: $79.95

We like this unit (and Home and Living dog, Penny) likes it too. See photo.