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Five Star Review - Disk Drill PRO 2.2

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Disk Drill PRO 2.2


Has there been a time where you accidentally deleted a file from your Mac but tried to stop the process at the last minute? Fortunately all is not lost because file recovery apps are available and arguably the best is Disk Drill.

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Disk Drill, from Dallas-based Cleverfiles, is a very powerful utility that can recover damaged and deleted data from internal or external hard drives, memory cards and even an iPod. This means files such as Word docs, PDFs, photos and videos may be recovered.

While I recommend Disk Drill after undergoing a rigorous inspection over several hours and days, it’s very important for novice users to carefully read and understand the online information, particularly from the Features tab. Nevertheless, Disk Drill does do a remarkable job of recovering files you thought were lost forever, even though the scanning process with Deep Scan will take some time. In fact Disk Drill says “recovery can take days!” and ”A 500 GB can take around six hours and a 1TB drive can take around 30 hours to scan”. Despite the time it takes, the end result is well worth the wait. For the record, it took far less than half the estimated time with my iMac with a 500 GB hard drive and 32 GB RAM.

Disk Drill is offered in two main versions – Disk Drill Basic, available as a free download that can recover lost data from Mac disks and Disk Drill PRO, featuring a number of advanced scanning modes for data recovery of HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS and other file systems. Drill Drill also offers some free protection features, including Guaranteed Recovery and S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring to protect future data loss in event of another mishap and as Cleverfiles describes, gives you an “Undelete” option even after emptying the trash bin.

Cleverfiles just released Disk Drill PRO 2.2, offering a new interface, new features and performance improvements and was the product used for this week-long review review. The other two versions - Expert and Enterprise are for commercial purposes. Notable clients include Silicon Valley's Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Stanford University, which adds a tremendous amount of credibility to Cleverfiles and their remarkable file recovery app.

The biggest difference between the Basic and PRO versions is the ability to recover files, in that if you can view the file in Basic but if you want to recover the file, you would have to upgrade to the Pro version. Disk Drill PRO 2.2 retails for $89, but Cleverfiles is offering a 20 percent discount through this review using this coupon code: MUGDXDD-CF. Furthermore, if you have lost an important file, the ability to recover can possibly offset the price, with or without a discount.

Final Analysis: Despite the lengthy scanning process, the Disk Drill PRO 2.2 definitely lived up to expectations. At $89, it's a little pricey, yet coupled with a 20 percent discount, it's that much better. Regardless of the way files were lost - through accidental deletion, disk error or data corruption, Disk Drill PRO 2.2 is more than capable of recovering them.