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Fitness gear review: BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds

BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds
BlueAnt PUMP HD SportbudsBlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds

BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds


Need a little something to inspire your workouts and train a little harder? Skip the supplements, the caffeinated power shots and the high-priced trainer. Instead, fuel your workouts with music that drives you to move, delivered wirelessly with BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds. The stylish Bluetooth-enabled headphones allow you to move freely and work harder when you train.

Why go wireless?

You're probably used to training with a wired set of headphones. They are inexpensive, functional and there's nothing wrong with using them. But going wireless helps you take your sport to the next level. Without wires, movements in the weight room, for example, are easier. And gearing up for a long run in the rain or snow is simple when you don't have to weave a wire through your layers of gear.

In addition, wireless headphones are easier to use during daily activities. If you listen to music during a train or bus commute, for example, you can leave your iPhone in your briefcase or handbag. Listen to your music without getting tangled in wires. You can even navigate through playlists and answer calls from the buds so there's not need to fumble through your belongings to find your phone.

Why BlueAnt PUMP SportBuds?

I've reviewed other wireless headphones and most brands I've tried, I liked. In general, upgrading to Bluetooth headphones is so cool that it's hard to dislike any brand. But there were a few things that make BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds my favorite so far.

First, I love the battery indicator. The bummer about wireless headphones is that unlike traditional headphones they need to be charged. Most brands require you to charge on your computer and you can't see how much battery life you've got. But when you pair the BlueAnt buds with your iPhone, you get a battery life indicator right on the home screen. That way you never end up sans music in the middle of your workout.

I also like the ambient earbuds that come with the BlueAnt device. BlueAnt provides seven pairs of buds, in different sizes so that you can find the ear piece that works best in your ear. But they also provide a pair of soft spongy buds that allow you to hear ambient noise in addition to your music. For runners, this is key. Being able to hear cars, bikes, dogs and other potential dangers makes your workout safer.

But my favorite thing about the BlueAnt buds is the Bluetooth range. When I lift weights, I don't like to have my iPhone on my body. If you are doing a full body workout, it's hard to find a place to put the phone where it doesn't interfere with your movement. And quite frankly, iPhones are cumbersome and heavy. Many wireless headphones require you to keep your phone close to the ear buds - meaning on your body. But the PUMP HD Sportbuds have a fairly significant range. I tested them yesterday and was able to leave my phone with my gym bag in one corner of the weight room and move around the entire room without interruption to my music.

BlueAnt PUMP SportBuds: Price

As with many wireless headphones, you pay for the convenience of wireless. The BlueAnt buds retail for $129 at the BlueAnt online store, much more than you would pay for a standard pair of ear buds. That is a fairly significant investment. But if you are ready to go wireless, the price of this model is no more than many other popular models and they are worth a try. With Mother's Day, Father's Day and graduation ceremonies coming up, they are also a great gift option for the fitness freaks in your life.