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Fitness flower solves no time for exercise excuse

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Fitness Flower


Estelle Shaw is a wife, mother and a celebrity personal trainer. After her second child, juggling career, family and fitness, Estelle realized that women needed fast fit options for on-the-go and thus, the Fitness Flower™ line was born. All Fitness Flower™ products are available online at and

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The Bathroom Begonia

The Bathroom Begonia was the first offering in Estelle's collection of fitness products. It is a series of six simple and effective exercises that fit seamlessly into your existing beauty routine. It’s an easy way to include a workout in any time-crunched day. With this product, you will receive the Bathroom Begonia (a flower which explains the exercises), a sand hourglass to time each exercise and attach the flower to your bathroom mirror, and a brochure with a checklist you can use to get the most from your workout. Also, as an added bonus, the company has included the Reading Rose Bookmark, which has six extra exercises you can do without getting out of bed!

The Office Orchid

The Office Orchid is a series of six simple and effective exercises the fit seamlessly into your work day. When you purchase the Office Orchid, you receive a 24 oz. double walled tumbler, which has illustrations of exercises by the renowned Greg Paprocki. All exercises are done while executing your everyday work place tasks. You also receive a bonus Office Orchid bookmark with six stretches you can do without leaving your desk chair, as well as a brochure and checklist to ensure you get the most from your workout.

My Review

This is a great and unique product especially for busy people and beginners. The exercises are easy to understand and execute, even if you have just started your exercise program. One of common excuses I hear myself as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Business Owner, is "I don't have time." With the Fitness Flower Line, time is no problem!

The Bathroom Begonia teaches users how to make the most of their morning or evening bathroom routine and The Office Orchid allows users to get in some calorie burn during the workday, especially if you are confined to an chair most of the day!

Check out the visual plug the Fitness Flower along with creator, Estelle received on Extra!


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