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Fitness apparel for the modern woman: Introducing Body Language Sportswear

Visit to try these styles and more.
Visit to try these styles and more.
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Body Language Sportswear


Chip Wilson’s comments late last year in an interview with Bloomberg Media spread outrage among fitness fashionistas loyal to the popular brand, Lululemon Athletica. Wilson, the founder of the popular brand, blamed the fitness line’s recall of see-through pants on the “weird shape of women’s bodies.”

Although society likes to pretend that standards of perfection actually exist, both the terms “weird” and “perfect,” when applied to body shape, are merely matters of opinion – since neither can be measured or quantified. Healthy is the aim and “healthy” comes in all shapes and sizes. A concept that Lululemon may not embrace, but many lines coming in on the coat tails of the falling empire certainly understand.

The latest hot fitness fashion line to hit the scene is Body Language Sportswear out of Los Angeles. The apparel line boasts everything a girl into getting fit needs to work hard and look good while doing it. Body Language is proudly made in the U.S.A. and adorned by female fitness enthusiasts and celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Burke and Miley Cyrus.

When put to the test, Body Language Sportswear really delivers – running, pirouettes at the barre, or a high-intensity boot camp – you can sweat and sweat some more with this no-fail workout line. The pants, shorts and capris aren’t see-through, don’t sag or droop and are certainly figure flattering.

The most unique feature was the smart design of the waistband. While most fitness apparel lines only use clever seams or a v-shaped waistband to detract from the dreaded “muffin top,” Body Language created a softer waist band that literally conforms to your shape. Forget love handles and overhang, these pants, shorts and capris are designed to fit your body.

Of course, the absence of a skinfold wasn’t the only notable feature. The line comes in an array of colors and styles to suit every woman and every type of workout. You can go from running to yoga to the barre to spinning and then off to pump some iron all in the same Body Language apparel – cross training definitely recommended.

The fabric is smart – very smart. Made from Supplex® and Lycra®, the Body Language bottoms wick away moisture and dry just as fast, avoiding those embarrassing sweat stains that can appear at the worst moments. The fabric choice can even hold up to machine washing and drying, although as every fitness fashionista knows, you can extend the life of workout apparel made from these fabrics by washing them cold in the gentle cycle and hanging dry.

Body Language Sportswear is designed with the today’s woman in mind – no matter where your life or your workouts take you, you can get there looking your best in Body Language Sportswear. Visit or check out these South Florida retailers:

· Activewear LA Fitness Signature Club, Aventura, FL 33180

· Ritz Carlton - Palm Beach, Eau Spa, Manalapan, FL 33462