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First video in series highlighting dog and his thoughts on wireless fencing

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First video in series highlighting dog and his thoughts on wireless fencing


If you are considering what type of fence to buy to keep your canine friend safe in his own yard, you might want to watch this recently launched video which is the first in a series. Havahart Wireless launched this series highlighting the features and benefits of its wireless fence product as seen from a dog’s point of view.

As published in their recent press release, the four-part video series shares the story of Cooper and his owner as they identify the need for a fence, install a Havahart Wireless fence, and receive fence training. It ends with Cooper enjoying his new and safe play area.

Dogs are members of the family, and keeping them safe and out of harm’s way is a top priority for any dog owner,” said Andrea Long, category development director for Havahart Wireless. “These videos were created to help educate dog owners on the steps involved with installing a Havahart Wireless fence, but are told from the dog’s point of view to reiterate the value of the fence for both the dog and the owner.”

As the story goes, Cooper is an energetic golden retriever who enjoys roaming freely not only around his yard but around his neighborhood, too. The videos were shot as if looking through Cooper’s eyes. The story is taken a step further with Cooper actually sharing his thoughts with the viewer.

“We realize that selecting and installing the right fence for one’s dog and property can be stressful,” said Long. “These videos are meant to relieve some of that stress by introducing a different perspective and doing so in a fun and lighthearted way.”

The first video episode is available for viewing now with subsequent episodes being released over the next two months. The video is as entertaining as it is informative. It adds some fun to the shopping experience.

Havahart Wireless offers pet owners a wireless dog fence technology with expandable fencing that custom shapes to any yard. They also offer an underground, wired fencing option and an array of electronic pet devices and training tools that make home living safer for both pet owners and their dogs. Visit the company’s website to find more information about their two wireless fence options.

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