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First Loose Tooth? Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop on Etsy!

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Tooth Fairy Pillows from Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop


It is inevitable. You know it's coming, but you think to yourself, "Nah, I've got plenty of time". Then one day, when it seems to you that your "baby" (who is now almost 6, by the way) is far too young, comes home from the first grade, squealing with delight. It has happened. The first loose tooth is upon you. As far as childhood milestones go, this is one of the big ones. For some moms and dads, (ahem, or so I've heard...) this first loose tooth might even be the cause of a wave or two of nostalgia filled sadness. Your baby is growing up. All of those sweet little baby teeth will be no more and before you know it, your little one will be driving away to college across the country and you will be trying to convince them that spring break spent at home with Mom and Dad is way more fun than going to Cancun.

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Before you go hiding your child's passport, consider this. Loosing a tooth is a huge, and I mean a HUGE deal in your child's life. Few things instill more pride or excitement in a young child than that first square hole along the gums, perfect for tricks like "Watch, Mom! I can drink through a straw where my tooth used to be!" and "Look Dad! I can stick my tongue out with my teeth closed!" And most importantly, the Tooth Fairy. The prettier and daintier version of Santa, the Tooth Fairy holds every bit as much magic and anticipation as a visit from jolly old St. Nick. Though the gift may be much smaller, the thought of a tiny, beautiful fairy flying into the room to spirit out a baby tooth and leave a coin or dollar bill is way cool for most kids, especially for that first lost tooth! Having to tip toe into the room of your sleeping child, stumbling on a land mine of legos and Polly Pockets (which are surprisingly pointy in the dark) to feel under the pillow that holds the slumbering head of your little one? Not quite as cool.

Luckily, there is a solution. Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop on Etsy! Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop offers an ingenious solution to making the swap of tooth and treasure; tooth fairy pillows that have a ribbon strap on the top of the pillow, allowing you to hang the pillow on a door knob, dresser, hanger or bed post. Basically, anywhere and trust me, anywhere is better than under the pillow of your little sleepy head! If you are one of those busy parents who doesn't drag themselves off to bed until you are already dead on your feet and are prone to waking up at 3 am with a start, only to realize that you forgot to play Tooth Fairy, there is a solution for that too! Hang the pillow on the outside of your child's door knob so you see it on the way too bed, this is an excellent trick for kids who are light sleepers too.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop is filled with adorable tooth fairy pillows in almost 50 different fabric to match any kiddos decor or interests. From pirates to princesses, this shop has it all, including personalized pillows that feature your child's name embroidered on one side of the pillow. The personalized pillows are great gifts and look super cute hanging in a child's room. Turned so the child's name is facing front, they can be used as decor or as a name placard on a door knob, then just flip them around when the Tooth Fairy needs to visit! If you are looking for Tooth Fairy gift ideas other than money, Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop has a charming collection of goodies to help celebrate lost teeth. How about a "Lost Tooth" button badge or a Tooth Fairy Necklace? This shop even offers custom letters from the Tooth Fairy! There are even super cute teething blankets for the wee ones who are not quite ready for the Tooth Fairy. Everything in this delightful shop is 100% handmade in the U.S.A. in fact, the shop is located in the Sacramento area of California. Whether you are looking for a gift or have a little one of your own, Tooth Fairy Pillow shop is a one stop shop for unique children's gifts that celebrate the tradition of the Tooth Fairy and right now is the perfect time to visit, the shop is having it's annual "Christmas in July" sale with all prices marked down!