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First ever Cashew Milk by SO Delicious

See more of their products, all non GMO and dairy free!
See more of their products, all non GMO and dairy free!
SO Delicious Company

SO Delicious Cashew Milk


Recently SO Delicious became the first ever company to make a milk product from cashew nuts! Now immediately, if you are a cashew lover you should notice your mouth begin to water. But wait, not so fast, first check out this review.

So Delicious Cashew Milk
So Delicious company

Well getting right into it, I will say that this is a genius move. I mean who would have thought, soy milk, coconut milk and the impressive, very healthy almond milk then comes....Cashew Milk? WOW. I mean cashew milk, the most impressive nut on the planet, well to me and most others, made into a drinkable milk product? To top it off, this is a non genetically modified (GMO) product, it is dairy free and vegan certified. It seems like it just does not get any better than that. Well I tried the unsweetened cashew milk and the unsweetened vanilla cashew milk beverages and give them 4 stars.

Now here is what I have to say about these new products. First, SO Delicious says they are the only ones to make this product in the world, that is cool. Second, I would have given them five stars IF there was a sweetened version of the original and or vanilla one available. I am not such an un-sweet fan of much anything, but I tried drinking this and tried it in cereal and it was just not my cup of milk, but as I said, I am not a big fan of un-sweet beverages. However, I do believe that if this product was used to bake with, such as cookie making, that it would just be awesome.

So I personally do not suggest this as a beverage, but more as a baking item. It is the consistency of their almond milk, which is very very good. It is white and very pure looking and over all the product seems very well made. The quality is actually untouchable! SO Delicious makes some very good products and I for one love the company mostly because of their stand on the non GMO movement. They say they are all for labeling of GMOs and are supporting Proposition I-522, according to a PR for the company.

When it comes to calories, just 35 calories, it is very good for you with the amount of calcium up above regular mainstream cows milk. Using the cashew milk you do not have to worry if the cows were treated with certain hormones to make them produce more milk, if the cows were treated humanely or not and if you are using a milk product that comes from cows that ate GMO food, all a big issue these days.

With their third party verification, from the Non GMO Project, they are guaranteed not to be genetically modified and healthy. I personally recommend this product to those that want a dairy free alternative to baking and cooking that asks for milk use.