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Find out what’s in the bag in ‘The Bag Man’

The Bag Man


There are a ton of movies that get released featuring a great cast but whatever reason doesn’t get the push you would expect. The latest, The Bag Man features a great cast including John Cusack, Robert DeNiro, Dominic Purcell, Crispin Glover, Sticky Fingaz, and Martin Klebba but does it struggle to deliver giving reason for its limited release or will it be a welcomed delivery?

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The Bag Man follows a man asked to pick up a bag and deliver it, but to not ever look inside and he will receive a great reward. While waiting for the man to arrive to pick up the bag at the motel he is thrust into more than he bargained for forced to face off against the motel manager, other guests, and the police all in order to protect the bag. There was so much that could have made this a great movie, but sadly it struggled throughout. The story starts off pretty simple but as it moves forward begins to unleash a new twist at every turn. This cast could have been great, but they all seem to be just phoning it in with the exception of Crispin Glover who brings his usual bizarre nature to the role despite not being there all that much. None of them are necessarily bad but no one seems to really care. There is a great story here, but there is a lot of it that seems to just not flow well and sports too many coincidences for you to buy into. There is some fun, over the top action-esque moments that will likely keep your interest and for that reason keeps the movie from completely falling apart. On the flip side there are a couple of moments that seem out of place and throw the story off a bit.

This is a strange little movie that had everything it needed to really stand out, but for some reason just misses the mark as a whole. At the same time it’s far from horrible, it sports just enough quirky characters and twists to make for an entertaining film. This is one that will most likely thrust people in different directions so check it out and make your own decision and who knows if you are fan of anyone in the cast, and who isn’t you might have a great time.

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