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Find great food at Ted’s Montana Grill

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Ted's Montana Grill


Having been born in Montana, I just had to try Ted’s Montana Grill. Located in the Promenade Shops at Briargate, at 1685 Briargate Pkwy, phone number (719)598-6195. Founded by media mogle, environmentalist, and outdoors man Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKerrow in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio.

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Upon entering, you are greeted by warm, friendly staff in a relaxing, casual atmosphere. The long saloon style counter, the dark wood ceiling/walls, and vintage designed brass lighting gives the feel stepping back in time to the early 1900’s. My server’s name was Dexter. While looking at the menu he brought me a small complimentary bowl of thickly sliced, unsalted (not kosher) pickles. I wolfed them down, love pickles. Ordered a glass of lemonade to drink. It tasted like it was fresh and homemade. I learned it was freshly made. They make it from scratch every morning. It was refreshing, and very satisfying. Ted’s also offers an assortment of wines, specialty drinks, and spirits.

Ted’s assortment of burgers caught my eye. Most of their burgers can be made with a 100% ground chuck patty, or for a dollar more, make it a buffalo burger. All the burger meat is ground fresh on site daily, and originate from Mr. Turner’s ranches. I ordered the Canyon Creek bison burger medium rare ($16), with 50/50 fries and salt & pepper onion rings ($4) on the side. The Canyon Creek burger comes with melted cheddar cheese, crisp smoky bacon, jalapeños, blackberry jam, and a fried egg (over easy).

When my burger arrived, I started with the fries. They were delicious, freshly cut and lightly salted. The hand breaded salt & pepper onion rings just melted in my mouth. I could eat a whole plate of the rings alone. The first bite of the burger was a burst of flavors, but the burger did not taste medium rare. It was hard to see if there was any pink in the middle due to the low light setting. I took another bite to get a better view of the inside of the burger. There was no pink, it was medium well. I told Dexter about it. He promptly took the burger back, and had it fixed to my satisfaction. The new burger was outstanding. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare. The blend of flavors from the cheese, the jam, the egg were well balanced. My compliments to the chief.

For dessert I had a large, soft and chewy oatmeal raisin cookie with two scoops of Haggen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. A blissful conclusion to an out of this world meal. The prices are moderately expensive, but that is to be expected if you want great food made with the best ingredients. Ted’s Montana Grill also serves steaks, fish, chicken, and salads. This Montana man left full, and extremely satisfied.