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'Final Fantasy III' remake for PC hopes to stir up nostalgia

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Photo courtesy of Steam, used with permission

Final Fantasy III


The Final Fantasy series has been getting some remakes for PC lately. With some upgraded graphics to the likes of Final Fantasy VII, this gives fans a reason to play through these titles again without offering a complete overhaul of the game. The latest game in the series to see a significant upgrade is Final Fantasy III, which has seen this in the past with Nintendo portable systems and more recently with iOS and Android. So if you are familiar with any of these, it is now available on Steam for play on your PC with a bigger screen.

Available no on Steam
Photo courtesy of Steam, used with permission

The Final Fantasy III remake features an excellent looking CGI intro that is almost equivalent to Final Fantasy XIII’s. The game itself, even though it was remade in 3D, looks very dated. A high resolution version of a Nintendo DS game does not mix very well. It would have been nice to see a texture update since this title looks like the original Final Fantasy VII but running at whatever resolution your PC monitor supports. The remake of Final Fantasy VII for PC offers a solid graphical improvement to the original, but with FFIII, it seems Square Enix just brought it over from the portable versions purely for a PC experience. The menus look smooth and are very easy to navigate, but this seems to be the only real high definition upgrade to speak of other than the CGI movies.

Controller support is very important for FFIII, as using the keyboard can be annoying. There are still functions such as zooming in with ‘Z’ that will include having to use the Keyboard. The game supports D-Pad use for movement, as well as analog sticks. The game is responsive, so in that regard, the controls work really well. Battles are simple as you choose an enemy and a type of attack, and there is no lag or issues doing this. The battles are much like the original game as you will not physically see your character hit the enemy, but rather just do the move in place. Some of the elements and magic do look pretty good though.

The most excellent element of the Final Fantasy III remake for PC is the sound. The music has been remade and sounds incredible. The sound effects from the original game during battle are still in it, as well. The musical score certainly has been upgraded to fit the mold of Final Fantasy games. The excellent quality and overall sound are the things that stick out the most in this remake. It almost makes you wish that Square Enix would sell the soundtrack separately.

There are a few odds and ends that differentiate the story, but it mainly stays intact. There are also some new random character encounters, and just a few other things to add to the experience, but that are not detrimental to the original. The main characters also have a bit more defining qualities in comparison to the original version, where as they were pretty stale. The remake throws you right into battle, but there is no tutorial or long sequence of story to make you wait around. Anyone who has ever played a JRPG should be more than familiar with how to navigate and battle in this game.

The Final Fantasy III remake is available on Steam for the same price it was on the Android and iOS devices at $14.99. I can only see fans of the original game wanting to shell out that kind of dough for one of the less popular titles. On the other hand, the fans of the original might not have wanted to see an HD Remake of the game, especially with the visuals being on par with systems that are two generations old. The money would be better spent on Final Fantasy VII if you have yet to buy it. Having said that, if you are looking for a new Final Fantasy story or looking for how the the series began, you will have to weigh your options for shelling out $15.


+ Excellent musical score

+ Updated CGI movies

+ Controller support


- Visuals are dated, doesn't feel like HD remake

- Better options for $14.99

- Not the most popular game in the Final Fantasy Universe

A Steam code was provided for review.

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