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Final Acoustic All-Stars Festival begins in Salt Lake City, August 15, 2014

Music Festival performances


The Acoustic All-Stars Festival was begun by Melody Pulsipher and Tyler Forsberg (Melody & Tyler) some years ago to showcase acoustic music artists in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this year's is the 6th and last of these annual events, held at Fats Grill in Sugarhouse.

Acoustic artists at the first day of the festival - 1 - Melody Pulsipher
Martin Willcocks
Acoustic All-Stars at Fats Grill - cover - Kelli Moyle, Brian Bingham, Aric Winn
Martin Willcocks

For the first day of this year's Festival, the line-up was Scotty Haze, at 7 p.m., Richard Tyler Epperson at 8:15 p.m., Brian Bingham at 9 p.m., Dustin Wayne at 10:30 p.m., and Chad & Kristo at 11:15 p.m. Numerous additional artists were also part of Brian Bingham's set, which included duets with Melody Pulsipher, Sue Morris, Valerie Larsen, and Kelli Moyle.

Scotty Haze was also accompanied by Diane Glover of Bill n Diane in several duets for the opening set, which lasted a full hour. His set was followed by Richard Tyler Epperson, with a 45 minute set including his songs, "Beautiful Day" and "Hourglass" and others from his two albums so far. Richard's polished performance speaks volumes about his progress since his first Salt Lake concert which I reviewed in May last year.

Melody then introduced and sang the opening song with Brian Bingham, who had a series of guest artists perform with him during his 90-minute set, which was filmed. After "What I Am To You," he was joined by Siena Wanlass for "Going Home", followed by "Say Something Loving." The next was Valerie Larsen, including "Open Smile." Next was Kelli Moyle, with three more songs, and finally another song with Melody Pulsipher, "Something True."

The next set was with Dustin Wayne and David Lund from the Wayne Hoskins Band, with several popular covers including "Cherish," "She's a Good Girl," and "Free Falling," and a new song "A Beautiful Storm."

The final set was by Chad and Kristo, alternating on drum and guitar plus harmonica with some lively stories and songs that took the show till well after midnight, although by that time the audience had thinned out a bit.