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Film Review: Ride Along

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Ride Along (movie)


If you are looking for a fun night at the movies, away from the serious performances of the Oscar nominees, look no further than Ride Along. The newest buddy cop film stars Kevin Hart as a security guard trying to become a cop to woo his lady and Ice Cube as her already-cop, no-nonsense brother. In order for Hart to get Ice Cube's blessing, he has to accompany him on, you guessed it, a Ride Along. The two actors actually have pretty great chemistry and the script is funny without trying too hard.

If you walk in not expecting much, Ride Along might surprise you. The script has the perfect blend of slapstick comedy ( lots of Kevin Hart runing into things and falling down) and one liners that are humorous without being the everpopular stupid-funny. The cast also does a surprisingly great job. Ben (Hart) and Angela (Tika Sumpter) do not really have any kind of cheimstry, however. He is doing all these crazy things to win her brother's affection, but Sumpter does not really do anything to convince you that she should be won. She is just a lackluster character put there for plot purposes. That being said, James (Ice Cube) and Ben are a hilarious duo. The actors really stepped into their characters to bring this goofy movie to life.

Ride Along may not be award-worthy, but it is a movie guaranteed to give you a fun night out of the house. It may not necessarily need to be seen on the big screen, but watching anyone accidentally knock themselves out is fun on any sized tv.