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Film Review: The One I Love

Theatrical Poster for The One I Love (2014)
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The One I Love


Ignore the trailer for the new indie film The One I Love. Why? Because it looks like a dull "romantic comedy" with nothing really going for it. This movie is anything but dull. In fact, The One I Love is one of the best films of the year. With a minimal cast and an almost singular set, the movie is still captivating and will definitely keep you guessing through the entire run time.

Dallas did a screening of this film with director/writer Charlie McDowell and actor Mark Duplass ("The League") in attendance. They begged for writers to not give anything about this film away. At first it was worrisome to have to write a vague review, but the only thing that really needs to said about the film is that the script is downright brilliant. It starts off a little slow at first, but once the story starts progressing there is no turning your back on the thrill ride unfolding in front of your eyes. The plot is clever, thought-provoking, sad and beautiful all at the same time. This will be the movie that you can not stop talking about for days after and find yourself needing to watch again and again.

One of the great things about this film, without giving anything away, is that how you view the events in the story will differ depending on your own romantic history. When you speak to people after the film, you realize that people had totally different views on the characters. It is not because the film is confusing, but because the movie has the power to shape shift to fit whatever your own experiences have been. It is hard to explain without breaking the rules, but trust that if you watch this film you will truly be awed.

The One I Love is an excellent indie film that is hopefully seen by many. It is smart and features a talented cast that bring to life one of the best scripts that has hit theaters in a long time.