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Film review: "Hay Days" the movie to release to new audiences this month

Hay Days the Movie


Hay Days is a feature-length comedy by writer-director Lance Lindahl. Musician "Tiny Small", a delusional drummer masterfully played by Steven Dean Davis, dreams of winning a local music contest called Battle of the Bands in Stillwater, Oklahoma. What Tiny doesn't realize is that his biggest competitors are his own illusions of grandeur, along with his band, who he feels doesn't understand his true "genius". The story and execution follow in the vein of the classic Spinal Tap, and Happy Texas, as misfits and misadventurers collide, creating situations and stories which not only tickle the funny bone, but the cerebral cortex, as well.

Photo highlights from "Hay Days"
Photo highlights from "Hay Days"
Lei Shi
The poster for "Hay Days" the movie
Lance Lindahl/God's Plan Productions

Credere Joseph (who is also a producer) does a turn as "Night Train", an out-of-town rap artist who brings an element of discomfort to the small, mostly white town, the usually conventional country music contest, and Tiny's own bravado and confidence.

While the film had its premiere at the 2013 Dances with Films festival in Los Angeles, Lance and Credere have a different vision for the future of their work. This month, they plan to release the movie through their own distribution channels via the film's website ( Presale of the film will begin on March 7, with a release date of March 22..

Because the film's story is driven by the music, a companion soundtrack is also in the works. Credere says it will be “All the original music, all different types of genres are covered.”

Hay Days is a rare combination of situation comedy weaved around good, original music, set in a stunningly visual and aurally-rich backdrop. You can follow the adventures of Hay Days on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned to these social media platforms for the product launch date, then go and pre-order the film at