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Film Review: That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment (2014) Daniel Character Poster
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That Awkward Moment


Life is full of awkward moments. For example, there is the awkward moment where a movie called That Awkward Moment is awkwardly terrible. It is not even the acting of young, attractive goofballs Miles Teller and Zac Efron that drag the movie down. It is the script and the casting that make the movie almost unpleasant to sit through.

From the first few lines of the film, you know that you are going to spend the next hour and a half wishing you were doing something else with your time. There is just nothing that pulls you in. For a comedy, hardly anything in the movie makes you laugh. In fact, the only funny lines in the entire run are previewed in the trailer, so you cannot even laugh at those because you have already heard them.

The characters also have some development issues. When the gang's wingwoman Chelsea starts pursuing Daniel (Teller), she is very concerned about what Efron's character will think but says nothing about wondering what Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) thinks. She and Daniel go back and forth about how Efron must feel about their romance, like perhaps he and Chelsea had previously been together. They also show up at her family functions, so perhaps he is related to her somehow? The writing never describes their actual relationship or even properly introduces her character to begin with.

Another major issue with the script is that it seems as if it were written for older characters. While the three leads are in their mid to late 20s, they always play (and seem) younger. However, all three have extremely successful careers. Jordan is an emergency room doctor and has been married for several years. The three up-and-coming actors were cast, it seems, to draw in a certain crowd rather than to fit the characters.

That Awkward Moment is so unsatisfying that it is not even worth renting for the dollar and change at Redbox. The script is far from funny and the weird casting leaves you sitting there just waiting on those feel-good romantic comedy emotions that are never going to come.