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Film Review: Sex Tape

Alternate Theatrical Poster for Sex Tape (2014)
Sex Tape (2014)

Sex Tape (movie)


If you are on the fence about seeing Sex Tape, go for it. Despite the mediocre trailer, the film is actually a pretty enjoyable way to spend two hours. While it is not laugh out loud funny like this story line has the potential to be, you will not feel guilty for spending your money to at least watch it once.

Nick Stoller and Jason Segel have been involved with some great comedic films, including The Five Year Engagement and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so Sex Tape had some incredibly potential. Unfortunately, the movie falls short of the writing genius of the other films. It has some laughs, but nothing that makes you laugh out loud. Perhaps this is because the film was written by a third party who just is not up to their level of comedic genius. The laughs are good, but they are not great.

The cast is great, at least. Jason Segel, who is looking sickly thin at times, delivers in his regular charmingly goofy role. Cameron Diaz is, as he calls her, a sex pot. What is really fun to watch is everyone's interactions with Rob Lowe as Diaz' potential employer who is not what anyone assumes. Their performances, along with the other supporting cast members, are what make the movie worth the watch.

Sex Tape is a cute movie. It is definitely worth taking a date to, but not one of those comedies that you will want to purchase so you can watch it over and over at home.