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Film Review: Neighbors

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Neighbors (movie)


The team that brought you last year's apocalyptic comedy This Is The End is back at it again with their newest film Neighbors. In the movie married couple Mac and Kelly must go to extreme lengths to get their newest neighbors, a local fraternity, to keep the noise level down so that their infant daughter can sleep. Unfortunately, they quickly discover that they are no match for the young men of Delta Psi Beta. Neighbors has a great cast and some laugh out loud moments, but the editing and direction is odd at times.

The best part of Neighbors is the delivery from the cast. The boys of Delta Psi Beta are composed of some familiar faces: Zac Efron, James Franco 2.0 (Dave Franco, respectively), and McLovin' (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), but the real star of their group is stand up comedian Jerrod Carmichael (Garf) . His timing is perfect and his lines may just possibly make him outshine the rest of his cast. Rose Byrne is cute in her role, but it is still hard to imagine her being the raunchy other-half of one Seth Rogen. The film also has a ton of bit part talent and cameos, but those should be left unspoiled so you can squeal with joy like the rest of the theatre when you notice them.

There are some really solid chunks of comedy in this film, the biggest being the Kevin James-like slapstick that Rogen endures at the hands of the fraternity. There are jokes even made about it in the script in between portions where Rogen is getting hit in the face and shot in the air by well-placed airbags. Unfortunately, a lot of the really funny one-liners had been previously shown in trailers and clips before the release, and it is hard to laugh when you already know they are coming. Overall the film is really funny though, and as it progresses you find yourself laughing louder and louder.

The only major problem with this film is the editing.The first half of the film seems like little scenes that were just spliced together. Yes, they are following a story line, but something about the flow from scene to scene feels off.

Neighbors is another solid film from Rogen and Goldberg. Fans of their previous films, as well as fans of shirtless dudes, should really enjoy seeing the movie. There are some great laughs, great new faces, and, once again, lots of in shape shirtless guys to drool over.