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Film review: Le Week-End

Le Week-End


I had the privilege to see Roger Mitchell’s “Le Week-End” at the end of January, but wanted to hold off on writing anything until it was closer to the film’s release date. The time has come, with “Le Week-End” hitting select screens on Friday, Mar. 14. “Le Week-End” is a hidden gem filled with romance, tragedy and hilarity and will charm audiences like the bright lights of Paris.

Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent in "Le Week-End"
Music Box Films

The fourth collaboration between Mitchell and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi, the film stars Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan as Nick and Meg, a British couple who return to Paris in a hope to reignite their marriage. Jeff Goldblum also stars in a supporting role.

“Le Week-End” is like a cousin of 2013’s “Before Midnight.” It follows this couple and shows them at their most loving but can quickly turn around show them at each other’s throats. It shows that love and marriage don’t get easier as you age, that it is fragile. But it also proves that a love like Nick and Meg’s is strong enough to make it through those rough patches.

Broadbent and Duncan are stellar. Their characters are at polar opposites for a majority of the film, Broadbent usually the more loving, romantic and Duncan the more harsh and pessimistic. However, it is when their characters flip the switch that both are electric. When Broadbent is hurt, or accusing of his wife’s fidelity or when Duncan lets it all go and lets her husband back into her life is when they are at their best. Whether arguing or a picture of a happy couple, the chemistry between these two is undeniably terrific.

“Le Week-End” is playing at The Landmark in West LA and the Angelika NY, Lincoln Plaza in New York City starting Friday. But whenever you find the opportunity to see this film, you should take it; this diamond in the rough is worth the time.