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Film Review: Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla (2014)


Everyone was pumped for the release of the new Godzilla film. After all, the trailer led us to believe that Breaking Bad's Walter White would be fighting the villainous monster as Godzilla tried to destroy everything.

However, the trailer was misleading. First of all, there is hardly any screen time for both Godzilla and Bryan Cranston. There is also the fact that Godzilla stays true to most of the original films and is actually a (spoiler!) good sea monster who is trying to stop the bad mothra-like monsters from annihilating everything in their paths. While the special effects on the MUTOS are epic, many people were disappointed that they overshadowed Godzilla's screen time. You do get to see him in all his magnificent glory, but there just isn't enough. Many audience goers in the theatre left while commenting that they just wished he showed up more in the film.

While not showing your title character is definitely the biggest flaw of this film, the script also tries too hard to both stay light and focus on a family. The movie is serious -- there are unusual creatures destroying the city and taking lives in the process-- yet several times news reports appear with goofy headlines that pull the audience out of the gripping tale. This attempt at light humor falls flat, leaving the viewer annoyed instead of laughing. There is also the family story. Yes, every monster movie usually has a human hero, this time being Ford (KICKASS star Aaron Taylor-Johnson). However, his character makes no sense because the writers couldn't decide whether to make him a die-hard soldier or a family man. He keeps promising his family he's on his way to them, but then tries to force the military to let him help them instead of even attempting to make it back home. It's off putting and makes the movie-goer care little about his wife and son because that's what he does too.

GODZILLA has wonderful special effects, but not enough time showing off how they are used to create the well-known creature the movie is titled after. The script is lackluster, focusing too much on a family sub-plot instead and making jokes instead of delivering a solid action-packed film.