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Film Review: Cheap Thrills

Theatrical Poster for Cheap Thrills (2013)
Cheap Thrills (2013)

Cheap Thrills


What doesn't kill you makes you richer in the newest Drafthouse Film Cheap Thrills. In the psychological thriller, two men are drinking at a bar when they are approached by a couple who wants to party with them. The party game is simple, be the first to do whatever the couple says, no matter how insane, and you will receive a wad of cash. Cheap Thrills is an excellent film about what a person is willing to do when they are taken over by greed.

Cheap Thrills was originally shown at Fantastic Fest last year, to excellent reviews. The film then released on Comcast VOD at the end of February and can now be downloaded on all platforms. Drafthouse films usually do not star familiar faces, so the fact that all four major characters are easily recognizable from their others works really draws people to the project. The premise is also incredibly intriguing. Just watch the trailer for the film and you are instantly hooked, needing to know exactly what the two men endure to receive their cash prize. As the requests get darker, the movie sucks you in more and more.

The twisted story would not be anything without the performances of the actors in the film, especially lead Pat Healy. Although he is doing some sick things to win money, you still root for him to succeed because you know that he truly thinks he is doing the right thing to provide for his family. Ethan Embry, who plays Vince, also gives a fantastic performance which makes you wonder why Embry hasn't been doing much since his Can't Hardly Wait and Sweet Home Alabama days.

If you love dark comedy and demented dares than Cheap Thrills is for you. It is a brilliant look at greed and showcases some fantastic actors.