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Slide Film Presets by Totally Rad! Replichrome II Slide for Adobe Lightroom

Take a peek at some of the presets available with Totally Rad! Replichrome II Slide for Lightroom
Take a peek at some of the presets available with Totally Rad! Replichrome II Slide for Lightroom
Totally Rad!

Totally Rad Replichrome II Slide


When it comes to editing photos I am TOTALLY into products that speed up my workflow. Adobe Lightroom has been instrumental in reducing my editing time to the point where I am able to turn around my images within 24 hours in many cases. Not only does that translate into a great ROI, but it also makes my hourly rate go up. And now with Totally Rad! Replichrome II Slide for Adobe Lightroom I am able to create amazing images in a flash using the presets.

Sure there are tons of film emulsion options out there. But the Replichrome II Slide preset pack was specifically and scientifically created to have your digital images emulate some of the most recognized chrome films in the industry. Whether you are a portrait or landscape photographer you will certainly find multiple presets that suit your style.

Some photography purists veer away from using presets. But many creative photographers adopt the use of film emulsion presets because they do help their workflow enormously and get them behind the camera to take more photos faster.

To install Totally Rad! Replichrome II Slide , as with all other presets for Lightroom, all you need to do is install them to your computer. They are then available in the Presets section in the Lightroom DEVELOP panel. The use of presets is like a dressing room for your original image. All you need to do is select a preset and instantly see how it looks over your original RAW image (it does not work with jpgs). If you don’t like what the preset does to your image ‘as is’ you can further tweak it to suit your style or choose a different preset that delivers what you’re seeking for your image.

How does Totally Rad! Do It?

Totally Rad! has procured some of the most popular film both out of stock and in existence. They created images with that film in every possible lighting condition and with multiple vintage and current analog cameras. After scanning the developed images on some of the top scanners (Noritsu and Frontier), the Rad team developed presets that accurately represent what each film in each camera created. For a visual on how Totally Rad does it, check out this amazing infographic.

For a complete list of the Fuji, Agfa and Kodak presets click on this link. Try it for free but let me warn you. Once you do you’ll be hooked. Why? Because it’s Totally Rad!

For more information check out their website, Facebook page and their blog. And check out their mobile version PicTapGo on Instagram.

Tina Case is a photographer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes reviews, tips and tricks about photography gear and other consumer technology products.