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Fiesta Mexicana: Avondale, AZ

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Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant


Authentic Mexican food is what Fiesta Mexicana's sign on their building boasts. The ambiance is true Mexican style. There are the brightly colored walls, with Mexican décor, and even a Mariachi band serenading the customers on a Friday night. The atmosphere is loud and bright, which is not for me when I am trying to enjoy a meal.

The margaritas were delicious. They serve chips and very spicy salsa. When ordering food the menu is extensive; but there is plenty of time to read it because the wait-staff is slow. Fiesta Mexicana's other menu items may be ok, but do not order the veggie burrito. The menu stated it had mushrooms, onions and peppers in it; served with rice, beans, and sour cream. When the dish arrived a half hour later; the tortilla shell was filled with a mixture of corn, carrots, peas, and lime beans (you know the vegetable mix your mom used to make you eat as a kid). After sending it back, there was an argument between the kitchen staff and the waitress about what was suppose to be in the burrito. Another half hour later my new dinner arrived (just a bean burrito). I took two bites out of bean burrito (I was beyond hungry at this point). The service was slow and although there was an apology and an offer for free flan (no thanks) There was no adjustment to the bill.

The claim of authentic Mexican food is a bit of a stretch. The Fiesta Mexicana's wait-staff and cooks seem to be taking a siesta, even though the restaurant is obnoxiously noisy. The building is located on Dysart and McDowell and has not had very good luck with its tenants, in the past. So, we will see if Fiesta Mexicana can survive.