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Fictional book, 'Dictator In Chief" gives food for thought

Dictator-In-Chief by William Kellar is a fictional account of a rogue president.
Dictator-In-Chief by William Kellar is a fictional account of a rogue president.
William Kellar

Dictator-In Chief a fiction book by William Kellar


For readers that enjoy a mixture of fiction and politics, the latest book by author William Kellar will not be a disappointment. The book begins with the celebration of the President of the United States' re-election for a second term in office. The name of the president is never mentioned throughout the entire book, however, if one is up-to-date on the current administration and its antics, (yes, antics) then it is clear who that president is.

During the first chapter, 'Dictator In Chief'' reads like pure political non-fiction, until a rift between the Vice President and the President is unveiled. From that point on, the book takes the reader on a shocking journey to the "Dictator-in Chief''s" rise in power, turning the United States of America into an Islamic dictatorship, ruled by a combination of shariah law and the dictator himself. Even the first lady is treated like a second class citizen at that point due to the mere fact that she is female and must obey her husband.

Dictator-In Chief brings the possibility to light that any president could possibly decide to go rogue. Whether or not he or she could actually be successful in becoming Dictator-in Chief is an interesting thought, indeed. Are the American people so trusting that they would never question anything our president or other leaders say or do? Are there precautions in place to prevent this from happening?

Our Constitution states that the three branches of government are in place to keep any branch from becoming more powerful than the other two. There are some who feel that the balance of power is completely unbalanced with the judicial branch and the executive branches being too compatible with one another. The legislative branch is in a unique situation, with only part of it being in complete agreement with everything the executive branch does. It is only that opposing party to the president that prevents the balance of power from completely tipping to the executive branch.

The author of 'Dictator-In Chief', William Kellar is an internet radio talk show host, with four radio shows that he currently hosts. One show in particular is the annual twelve hour "TALK 4 Autism" that raises awareness and funds Autism Speaks. Kellar's oldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2006.

William Kellar's other shows are more politically oriented and can be found at and

William Kellar's book 'Dictator-In Chief' can be found on Amazon. It is available in both traditional paperback and kindle editions. It is a book that cannot be put down once it is opened. Until next time, vote with knowledge.~ Traci Otake, Political Examiner