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Fichimori chilled red wine review

What do you think about this red?
What do you think about this red?
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So we know what you're thinking, "chilled red wine? It's going to be terrible." That couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Fichimori. This particular red debunks a myth that chilled red wine cannot be a delicious wine. Fichimori, in fact, is an amazing red.

Typically when you are looking for an enjoyable red wine that can be chilled, odds are you're looking for a Zinfandel of sorts, and those are consistently on the sweet side. For those who enjoy a Malbec or Merlot, at room temperature, you will certainly find Fichimori to be delicious.

Much like the two aforementioned wines, Fichimori opens up with a friendly beginning in its scent, opening up a nice interest for you. In this preview are hints of Negroamaro grape, which makes up the majority of the blend in this red.

Once you've tested the acidity of the wine, you enjoy subtle tannins that are very soft and friendly to the taste immediately and after you've let the wine sit on your palate.

The 60% Negroamaro, 40% Syrah combination is a terrific blend that works just fine together, especially for a red that is chilled. What is particularly nice about Fichimori is that it isn't too sweet. Some chilled reds will drive you away with its sweet taste, especially when considering having the wine for dinner.

Fichimori is a perfect red to enjoy with just about any Italian dish, as well as any barbeque fare. If you are cooking up a particular Italian chicken dish, then Fichimori is a fantastic choice. Chinese is another meal we found to be a nice match with the red. In particular, we cooked up a Chinese Pork dish that did have some heat to it, and the Fichimori was a nice reprieve from the spice.

Fichimori certainly is a versatile red wine that just about any lighter red wine drinker will enjoy. When it comes to a chilled red wine, it's not as scary of a concept as you may think. So feel free to step out on a ledge and give Fichimori a taste, you won't regret it.