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Ferus Fluxus: Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Upslope Brewing Company)

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Ferus Fluxus (collaboration with Upslope)


What’s better than one great Colorado brewery? Two great Colorado breweries working together as one. Ferus Fluxus (8% ABV), a collaboration between Upslope Brewing Company and Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, is just such a coupling. The first of Crooked Stave’s “Wild Flow” series of collaboration beers, Ferus Fluxus is Upslope’s Belgian Style Pale Ale inoculated in red wine barrels with Crooked Stave’s brettanomyces and lactobacillus yeast and aged at both Upslope’s Lee Hill facility and Crooked Stave’s Barrel Cellar in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood. The ale born of this sudsy marriage should make both its parents very, very proud.

Color: A cloudy, clementine color with a deep orange core and pastel orange highlights, Ferus Fluxus also sports a thin, white head of foam.

Aroma: The tartness of Ferus Fluxus is immediately noticed upon first whiff. It’s a nose-full of citrus fruit and acidity.

Taste: At first, there’s a shock of sourness but that quickly subsides. While the original, Upslope-only Belgian Style Pale Ale features a good deal of hoppiness and Belgian spice, Crooked Stave’s wild yeast strains essentially muscle those flavors off the palate. However, the fruitiness of the original pale ale does shine through imparting a peach or apricot-like flavor to the beer. Underneath the more dominate flavors, one can detect the suggestion of a leathery funkiness.

Mouthfeel: Tingly and effervescent, Ferus Fluxus imparts a touch of alcohol heat, is light-medium to medium in body, and causes a decent amount of salivation in the drinker.

For those seeking out this shared beer venture, Crooked Stave is releasing Ferus Fluxus in 375 ml. bottles while Upslope is distributing in 19.2 oz. royal pint cans. Whether wrapped in glass or aluminum, Ferus Fluxus is a fantastic example of the greatness that can come when two elite breweries join forces; beer geeks out to keep their eyes peeled for this one.