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Female Thor

Female Thor

God of Thunder comic book


I did not want to acknowledge it, but the story would not go away, and the Facebook group boards have blown up regarding this issue.

Yes, Marvel is making Thor a female.

Interesting thought: how would other religions react if their deities were to switch genders?

Oh, but since we are dealing with a "myth" and not a religion, it is ok, right?

Hence why I do not like the word "myth" when speaking of religions. It is funny how that word is used to describe religions that do not meet the monotheistic viewpoint that is standard today.

But away from that soap box, what we have is a comic book. A comic book that took the story of Thor, a Norse god, and are now turning that god into a female character.

Granted, Marvel has had "Thor-girl" before, but that was not an actual female taking the mystical hammer Mjolnir and all of Thor's powers. Tara Olsen was a "sidekick" to Thor then. Which is not even close to anything accurate, but we suffered through it.

Now, the god of thunder apparently takes his hammer and turns it in, and is picked up by this girl and now she is given all the thunder and lightning power with the strength to boot of Thor.

What I did not know until I began researching this was that it happens in the "God of Thunder" titled series of comics; a series of comics I had begun to collect with the first release.

Though I am currently only on number 4, I actually had really liked the series (for the comic it is, not the blasphemy of creating a comic based of of a religion), but now... No...