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Feeling Like July In February With Fake Bake

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Fake Bake


Anyone living in the Northeast knows that it’s been a very. Long. Winter. So when I was asked to try Fake Bake’s Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid I jumped at the chance.

“Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid is applied with a professional mitt (why have I never used one of these before I’ll never know) in effortless gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan. The dual function cosmetic bronzer assists in making the application even easier (shows-where-it-goes) providing an instant golden tan. The fast drying, fast absorbing formula is transfer resistant, so can be worn throughout the day. Formulated with Fake Bake's exclusive triple tan formula (DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose) for an intense tan that lasts longer. Suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Pleasantly fragranced with a tropical scent. No artificial preservatives or parabens.”

If you’re a hard core self-tanner or just looking for something that adds a little vacation glow you will want to try Flawless! Having dabbled with self-tanners for years the color that you get with Flawless is , well, flawless. No orange color here just a nice bronzed brown.

The produce comes with the mitt, gloves and the product which is applied with a spray. What comes out when you first spray may be shocking. It’s a brown liquid but it’s a godsend because you’re able to see where it’s been applied – no chances of missing a spot! And the good news is – no smell. I applied the product standing in the bathtub just for easy cleanup and suggest you do the same.

It’s easy to apply with soft mitt and once you apply you can blend it with the mitt. The mitt doesn’t soak up the liquid so you’re not wasting anything. I used flawless on my legs and arms to start and after I saw the color and how easy it was to apply I applied the product to my face.

The product dries quickly so there isn’t any sitting around waiting for it to dry. It dries so quickly that you can go to be and wake up in the morning with a nice golden tan. Just jump in the shower and rinse off the guide color and voilà you will swear that you’ve been to the beach!

If you want to keep your tan looking refreshed just use the product every few days. I would highly recommend Flawless and plan on using it until I can get to the real beach – which is starting to feel like July!

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