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Feel pretty and relax with MIYU's Prettea Little Quartet tea and facial combo

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Pamper your skin and self anytime - and just about anywhere - with MIYU's Prettea Little Quartet, a combination of beauty products and tea that pack a mini-spa experience into the contents of a purse. MIYU (pronounces "mee-you") has put together a sampler package which includes skincare products paired with complementary teas with the purpose of de-stressing and re-hydrating your complexion. Packed in a purse-shaped container with a satin ribbon handle, the Prettea Little Quartet is not only an affordable indulgence for oneself, but makes a great gift as well.

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The sampler package includes two compact spray bottles (or "essences") which are paired with teas that work towards the same goal. The first pairing is the de-stress match-up which includes de-stress essence with an herbal tea blend. The label describes the de-stress essence as a "fusion between a facial mist and a serum to calm irritated complexions". Both the essence and tea blend share some of the same ingredients, specifically, peppermint and licorice.

A detailed pamphlet included in the package instructs users to spray the essence toward the face at an elbow's length. This can be reapplied any time of the day for an "instant boost of calmness". Pairing this spray with the peppermint tea blend and all it soothing qualities will allow for some relaxation time whenever you need a few minutes to unwind.

The other combination is the hydrating pairing which includes the hydrate beauty essence with a green rooibos blend tea. Like the de-stress combo, the hydrating pair share an ingredient of goji berries. The essence "quenches the skin" while the tea serves up caffeine-free hydration.

I received this as a gift recently and was instantly enamored with the idea of treating myself to a few minutes of pampering and relaxing. Since the instructions recommend you start with the de-stress regimen and work up to the hydrating products, I haven't allowed for such time to pass. I skipped a little out of sequence in an effort to review this fun product, but have "tested" each one for feel and taste.

The de-stress essence will be a delight to your senses as your skin will welcome the gentle refresh of the spray and your nose will appreciate the minty aroma. The mint tea enhances the soothing experience, giving you the spa-feel in the time it takes to drink a hot cuppa.

Moving up to the hydrating essence, you'll feel like a light spring shower has visited your face, giving your skin a boost of splash but not an uncomfortable downpour. The accompanying rooibos tea is not the mild minty tea of the latter pairing, but a strong, fruity blend that gets better with each sip.

For tea enthusiasts, note the tea bags - filled with a blend of ingredients that include candied pearls. As pretty to look at as it is tasty to drink.

MIYU's Prettea Little Quartet: for a day-at-the-spa feeling in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, we recommend this for a well-deserved indulgence for yourself or a treat for someone on your gift list.

For more information on MIYU and all their products, visit the MIYU website.