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FCBD Guardians of the Galaxy review

Free comic book day 2014

Guardians of the galaxy


This was one of the comics that was available on Free Comic Book Day. The story was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Dan Slott. The art was done by Nick Bradshaw with cover art by Sara Pichelli. The story starts off with Tony Stark talking to Corporal Thompson. Stark is telling Thompson who the Guardians of the Galaxy are and what they do. We get a intro for each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thompson is wondering why Stark was telling him all this and it all becomes clear when Tony asks him to do a tour of duty with the Guardians as a member of Earth's Avengers. This story was the introduction of Venom into the Guardians of the Galaxy. Stark calls himself "mister just in case" when he gives Peter a metal ring just in case anything "symbiote trouble" happens.

This was a good read for anyone who is new to reading Guardians of the Galaxy. It gives a good intro to the members and some back story about what they do. It's also good for current readers because is introduces Venom to the team and shows how he got started. This comic also has previews of Thanos The Infinity Revelation. Also at the end of the comic there's The Amazing Spider Man #1.1 Year One: Learning to Crawl. It's written by Dan Slott. It tells the story of a Spiderman from a different universe that faces Morlun. This story will continue in Spider-Verse in November 2014,

Did you pick up this comic on Free Comic Book Day? If so, let me know what you thought about it.