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‘Fargo’ recap: ‘Who Shaves the Barber?” who skins the cat?

Shave the Barber
Shave the Barber

'Fargo' Shave the Barber


Wow. Lester reminds you of a master storyteller straight out of fairy tales. Bill ate up his lies and pure hokum about Pearl and Chaz’s non-existent affair and the fake account of her murder like it was gourmet food. Bill…what a weasel. Lester, who is then freed to go home, smirks his way down the hall as his brother bellows his name. But not everyone on the show is a liar. Gus nervously confesses to Molly he is the one responsible for shooting her with lead.

Out in Reno, Nevada where the land is filled with desert sand instead of everlasting snow, Malvo is seeking answers as to who wants him dead. That Malvo. So determined. So dedicated. So deadly.

Dragging her IV bag along, the persistent Molly visits Mr. Wrench upstairs in his hospital room. She wants also but Mr. Wrench is pretty much uncooperative so she lays out his bleak future to him. His partner Mr. Numbers is dead and he will be spending the rest of his days in jail. Aww, now him sad.

Nothing says love like bullets and a bouquet. Gus brings Molly flowers and the two of them go over the whole sordid mess involving Lester Nygaard and Lorne Malvo. Hold tight Chaz. Molly will eventually clear your day.

Let us now go to Fargo, North Dakota where two FBI agents, Pepper and Budge, are sitting in their unmarked car arguing about lunch when they should be keeping their eyes on a group of criminals even after they entered a building. Malvo walks by and practically pulls out his Tommy gun right in front of them.

Malvo goes inside the building where the bad men are and so much gunfire erupts until it sounds like 4th of July fireworks are going on. Well, it sounded that way to everyone except the FBI agents. That car’s glass must be totally soundproof.

Oops. The widow Hess’ insurance claim has been denied. It looks like Sam let the policy has lapsed. Lester’s boss tells him to call her but Lester opts to pay her a personal visit. Lester went over there and had the last laugh on his dead high school tormentor Sam by sleeping with his wife. Lester, you old sly dog. Who knew? Something about getting away with murder changes some people. Just wait until the widow Hess finds out she’s been duped. She may be a lush, but it’s doubtful she’s totally stupid.

Before Molly goes home, she convinces her dad to stop by the police station where she is given the sad, sad news. Chief Bill the boob arrested the wrong Nygaard.

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