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‘Fargo’ Recap: ‘The Six Ungraspable’ things in life

The six Ungraspables
The six Ungraspables



Good golly Miss Molly! What happened to all that never-ending snow? The fields are as golden brown as cornflakes. Oh, never mind. It’s still winter, the only season folks in Bemidji probably ever experience. Lester is just having a flashback to the time he got his first shotgun. It was part of a bonus package actually. One day, he had gone into a store to purchase a pair of socks and the owner threw in the shotgun for good measure.

Lester then flash forwards a little bit to the night Malvo used the very same weapon to kill the police chief. Poor tormented Lester. Finally, we get to present day where Lester is still stewing in a holding cell sandwiched betwixt and between the menacing Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers who forces him to give up the name Lorne Malvo. Having Mr. Wrench’s sweaty socks stuffed in your mouth will do that to a person along with causing one to vomit which is exactly what Lester does. Fortunately for Lester, the two men are soon released from custody and Lester is released from their torture.

Molly runs down every speck of circumstantial evidence, theory and motive speculation she has on Lester and Malvo to Bill who surprisingly succumbs to her logic. His man crush/sympathy for Lester may now finally be over. Gus Grimly solicits computer/internet help from his daughter. Per his request, she searches for the bogus name Malvo is using and doggone it, Malvo has built himself a website with a photo of him inside his faux church. Hilarious.

Malvo calls Stavros from his flunkie’s home. Stavros has decided to pay his blackmailer, not knowing Malvo is his blackmailer. The flunkie is excited about the upcoming payday and turns into a rambling chatterbox. Show of hands if you think flunkie will get paid or even live to see this particular payday. Malvo calmly asks for things like a drill, a nail…you get the picture. Flunkies hands the items over piece by piece all the while keeping his motor mouth running. Still calm with all that yip-yapping going on, Malvo asks him to step inside the kitchen pantry. Flunkie steps inside, still talking of course and Malvo closes the door and drills it shut.
Lester is taken to the hospital, suffering from delusion or exhaustion of some sort. Across town, Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers wait in their parked car until a cop walks up with photos of Malvo. The showdown between these three should be loads of fun to watch.

The husband of Gus’ exhibitionist neighbor comes over for a chat and a cup of coffee. He offers Gus some advice with a parable. You can’t save the world, son. But a strong desire to be a detective is obviously stirring within Gus.

Stavro’s son is trying to tell his dad something about the crickets that were unleashed in the store during last week’s episode, but Stavros is too busy unloading all the cash from his safe to listen. Your son may not be the brightest, but he probably had information that could have saved you money, Stavros. Molly lifts a spare key from underneath the doormat at Lester’s house and goes inside. The blood, now congealed and looking a centerpiece rug, is still on the floor.

The remaining minutes of the series seem to have a street theme going on. Gus is stuck on finding out why Malvo was on a certain street the night of their first encounter. Just before Malvo drops Stavros and his money off at his home, he has to swerve around Gus who is out there in the middle of the street. What in the world is he doing out there?

Later, we see Malvo parked in front of Gus’ apartment building plugged into his listening device when suddenly the exhibitionist’s husband approaches Malvo with a tap on the window. He explains that he is a part of the neighborhood watch and demands that Malvo leave. He tells Malvo he has “black eyes” and pretty much accuses him of being up to no good. Malvo makes veil threats and ominous riddles. They exchange a few more hints and warnings before parting ways. It’s all very foreboding and funny.

After having been admitted, Lester is lying in a hospital bed with full-blown raccoon eyes due to guilt, worry and all other stressors chipping away at him. Meanwhile, Molly is itching to get to Lester and he knows it.

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