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‘Fargo’ Recap: ‘The Rooster Prince’ and other yard dog crazies

The Rooster Prince
The Rooster Prince



It’s time to revisit the frozen rotunda otherwise known as Bemidji, Minnesota. Oh, we will be making with a pit stop over in Duluth as well. Two more menacing looking kooks, Mr. Wrench (who is deaf) and Mr. Numbers arrive in Bemidji. These two characters are there to look into the murder of Sam Hess. They’re not cops. They are killers.

Lester’s brother invites him to come and stay with him and his family being that his place is nice and clean while Lester’s home hold memories and evidence of two bloody murders. Over at the widow Ida Thurmon’s house, Molly is helping out with the dishes, but itching to question Lester about the deaths of Chief Vern Thurmon and Lester’s wife, Pearl. It’s a tale of two funerals.

Molly and the newly appointed Chief Bill Oswalt go talk to Lester, who gives an account of his version (lies) of what happened on that fateful night of the murders. Lester trips all over his tongue when asked about his conversation in the ER with the mystery man (Lorne Malvo). Malvo, by the way, is in Duluth sparking mischief as he investigates a blackmail plot against Stavros Milos, the Supermarket King.

Interestingly, Sam Hess wasn’t the only one who sired nitwits for sons. Milos has a boy, actually a man-boy whose bulb is quite dim. Or is it an act? Either way, it’s very frightening.

Single dad and police officer Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) comes home from work with dinner for him and his teenage daughter. He can hardly enjoy his meal or the company of his only child because of the neighbor across the street who graciously gives him a free peep show. Perhaps it would help if he hung up a pair of heavy drapes at the window and kept them closed then he would not have this “problem.”

Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers question the dancer/prostitute who was with Sam Hess the night he took a knife to the head. She tries to tell them she couldn’t describe the guy who killed Hess on account of the blood being in her eyes. But they are out for blood too…Hess’ murderer’s blood. Pressured, she nudges them in the wrong direction. “It could have been Lenny,” she guesses. Lenny is an obnoxious, but faithful patron of the establishment.
Once again, posing as someone he is not, Malvo visits Milos’ ex-wife (or soon-to-be) to pick her brain for information. Later, he goes back to his non-deluxe suite at some cheap looking crappy motel listening to the recorded sounds of Lester pleading for his help in covering up Pearl’s death. Judging from his smile, you would think he was having a favorite iTunes moment. Suddenly, Malvo is interrupted by a knock at the door. Enters in a big burly man. Some local who is obviously a big fan of Milos and resents Malvo’s presence. He’s come to mark his territory with warnings and threats declaring to Malvo that he is the man, not Malvo.

Our friend Malvo does not utter a single word. He simply goes to the bathroom, leaves the door wide open, drops his pants, sits on the toilet and proceeds to do a number two. Big burly man leaves in disgust.

Lester decides to move in temporarily with his brother. He goes to the drug store in search of ointment for his hand and runs smack dab into Molly who is too glad to see him given this is her chance to question Lester without Bill leaning over her shoulders reminding her that Lester was his classmate. The sight of blood made Lester faint so he couldn’t possible kill a living creature. Molly makes Lester so nervous, he practically runs out of the store. He ends up calling keystone cop Bill complaining about Molly’s harassment. This prompts Bill to take Molly off the case.

So Lenny didn’t make it. Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers, who have been transporting Lenny all over town in the trunk of their car, takes him out to a frozen pond, drill a hole and toss him in like a coin in a fountain.

Tune in next week to see who gets to ride inside the trunk of a car next. Yes, there will be more trunk traveling.

Watch ‘Fargo’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on FX.

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