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‘Fargo’ recap: ‘Morton’s Fork’ serves up the season finale

Season Finale
Season Finale

'Fargo' season finale


Aww geez! “The other one?” Molly asked the question with such delicious disgust didn’t she? Yes, the second Mrs. Nygaard is dead, proving Lester is not the best widow material. After clumsily trying to establish his alibi at Lou’s and making an anonymous call to the police, Lester rushes over to his office where the cops and Linda’s “hole in the head” body are waiting. He claims he wants to say goodbye to his wife and even though Molly objects to his going near the crime scene, Bill allows Lester to go to Linda’s stiff side. He feels around her pocket until Molly shouts “no touching anything.” Nice try Lester. All you wanted was the boarding pass tucked away in the pocket of “your decoy” jacket which Linda was wearing.

Malvo, who is looking all kinds of crazy, has found a nice little cabin in the woods to hide out in. Evil plots and schemes need to be birthed in seclusion. And speaking of Malvo, Lou informs Molly about the mystery man (Malvo) who came-a-looking for Lester. Lou then goes home to sit on the front porch with his shotgun to protect the homestead.

FBI agents Budge and Pepper question Lester about Malvo. Of course, he plays dumb and pulls the grieving widow card to cast distraction. Gus is driving along talking on his cell trying to persuade Molly to back down from the Malvo case and leave it to Bemidji’s bumbling cops. As fate would have it, a dog standing in the middle of the road forces Gus to slam on brakes. It is at this point where he looks over and spots Malvo’s red BMW parked by the cabin. Gus drives around the corner and finds a place to park his vehicle so he can get out and peer through the bushes. There is still a little cop in you mailman Gus. Malvo soon drives off, leaving Gus time to snoop around.

Bill develops a major brain cell and comes to his senses. He decides to quit and will recommend Molly for the position of Chief. Malvo, who has too many sinister brain cells for his own good, manages to cancel the back-up requested by Budge and Pepper. He is a bad, bad man. So the devil ditches his red BMW to test drive an old car resembling unmarked vehicles. You are going to regret this test drive, car sales guy.

Lester is released to go home, given a ride by Budge and Pepper and guess who is following behind them in his own unmarked car? The agents drop Lester off but babysit from outside in that never ending winter wonderland known as Bemidji.

Lou is joined on the porch by Gus’s daughter. After Lou shares a heart-warming story of how he took a shotgun stance before when Molly was just four years old, she goes inside and comes back out with a BB gun ready to take out Malvo’s eye without a moment’s notice. Ride or die chick. Ride or die.

The fake government vehicle slowly approaches Lester’s residence, prompting Budge and Pepper to walk up to it, guns drawn. Unfortunately, it is the ill-fated car salesman who is driving and Malvo is walking up behind the doomed agents. Malvo shoots them point blank in the head.

Lester comes downstairs, peeks out the window and sees the blood-stained snow. He high-tails it back upstairs. Malvo does a little breaking and entering and heads upstairs where he hears Lester making an emergency phone call. The bedroom is an absolute mess with clothes and other items strewn about. But remember that claw trap we saw in a previous episode? Well, it’s baack and buried beneath a pile of clothes. Malvo has the misfortune of placing his foot inside it and is now trapped like an animal on the floor. Lester rushes in from the bathroom and the two men have a semi gunfight. Semi because Lester has only one bullet in the chamber and has to race back inside the bathroom for cover but not before Malvo tosses an object his way and bloodying Lester’s nose…again.

Malvo takes his mangled leg and leaves. He drives back to the cabin to doctor on it but soon finds he has another surprise in store for him. Gus slowly appears and says, “I figured it out.” Malvo says, “Good for you.” Gus then does the only humane thing he could do regarding wounded mangy animals. He shoots it. Five times. It took that many shots because after the first three, Malvo sat up straight, glared at Gus through bloody clenched teeth and with holes the size of apples around his chest cavity and abdomen. The man refused to die quickly.

Gus is now a hero. The toast of Bemidji. He points out to Molly Malvo’s most prized possession – his tape collection. In the case is a cassette labeled Lester Nygaard with the recorded conversation between Lester and Malvo taped on the night of Pearl’s murder. Gotcha!

Lester is on the run. No surprise there. This is what weasels do. Run. We find Lester on the run riding a snowmobile through Glacier National Park in Montana. The authorities there have snowmobiles too and chase after him. Lester falls off his ride and starts running across another frozen plain despite yells from the authorities to stop. They wisely chose to stop chasing after him. In his haste, Lester also did not see the “thin ice” warning sign he passed by either. The ice starts cracking. That got his attention because you can’t ignore that sound. But it’s now too late. There is nowhere to go but down and down Lester goes. Aww geez! Aww geez! Two great actors (Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman) will menace no more, at least not in Bemidji.

Did you enjoy the first season of “Fargo?”

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