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‘Fargo’ Recap: ‘Eating the Blame’ swallow the guilt

Eat the Blame episode
Eat the Blame episode
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'Fargo' Eat the Blame


Fans of the series will first get treated to a flashback to Stavros Milos’ humble beginnings and good fortune. The future supermarket king and the rest of his broke family are on the road and running out of gas. Frustrated by his nagging wife, he hauls tail out of their wood paneled station wagon and falls.

While lying face down on the ground, Stavros makes a vow to the Lord that he will serve God if He turned things around in his life. Suddenly, he sees something red sticking out of a mound of snow near a fence. Well, remember in “Fargo” the movie when one of the criminals stuck an ice scraper in the snow to mark where he had buried the money? Voila! Stavros pulls out the scraper, finds the case of money and a supermarket king is born.

Gus Grimly is out and about on patrol when he gets called to a 613. Gus usually handles animal crisis for the department. He goes to the location and who does he see standing outside? It’s Lorne Malvo, pretending to be on the phone – his new phone as he comically points out. Gus nervously arrests him. Never let them see you sweat, Gus. Still posing as a minister, Malvo tells Gus he is “making a mistake” and within an hour or so Gus will be repeating the same statement.

Stavros has a plumber over at the house to check the pipes for a dead critter. That has to be the explanation for why he took a blood bath, shower rather, in last week’s episode, right? The plumber finds no evidence of a wounded or dead animal and suggests perhaps Stavros should get right with God. Stavros nearly has a fit. No need in taking out your guilt on the man, Stavros, just because you broke your promise.

Gus calls Molly to inform her that the Duluth Police Department has Malvo in custody. She makes the mistake of informing her dufus boss, Bill, who decides he should be the one to go question Malvo. You just know the day is coming when Molly will get his job.

Will somebody please explain why Lester is leaving that awful puddle of blood on his living room floor? He goes upstairs to wince over his painful buckshot hand, but his cries are cut short by a threatening phone call. Mr. Numbers is at it again. We later see Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers at Lou’s Coffee Shop arguing in sign language. Pure comedy. They mistakenly think Lester is having an affair with the widow Hess and is responsible for the death of Sam Hess.

Malvo makes his one phone call to his blackmailed flunkie to make sure he is out buying insects to further “gaslight” Stavros. Bill has arrived at the Duluth Police Department. He and the chief there question Malvo who is now gone full circle into his innocent minister act. It is some hilarious stuff.

Back in Bemidji, Molly interviews the workers from the motel where Malvo had stayed. Molly’s face lights up like a 100-watt bulb when the desk clerk shows her the registration book with the name – Lorne Malvo.

Malvo, by the way, is freed and this upsets Gus who tell his captain, “You’re making a mistake.” As soon as those words fall from his lips, he remembers what Malvo said and so does Malvo who is smirking his way down the hall. Prophesy?

This week, it’s Lester’s turn to ride inside a trunk, courtesy of Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers. While in there, Lester calls his brother, who is busy on the laptop probably looking at something he shouldn’t. Lester changes his mind about needing help when finds a taser nearby. The two men drag Lester out to a frozen lake where Lester tases Mr. Numbers, who does scream. However, Mr. Wrench, whose back is turned, doesn’t hear it of course, because he’s busy drilling a hole for Lester’s watery grave plus he’s deaf.

Lester gets away and flags a police officer who is about to ticket the abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. Lester begs for a ride back into town, but patrol cars are not taxis so he punches the officer in the forehead. Sure, his wrists are in handcuffs, but at least he’s got a ride. Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers glare at Lester from behind the firs and the pines.

Stavros seems to be on the brink of a mental breakdown. His son comes in his office pleading for the man to treat the Mrs. better. Loud screams are heard throughout the store. The insects have been delivered.

Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers are at a bar turning on each other. Their botched assignment has got them fighting like cats and dogs. Glasses break. Table and chairs tumble. Oh wait. They’re not mad at each other. They’re still BFFs. They just needed to get arrested…so they can be close to Lester!

Tune in to ‘Fargo’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on FX.

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