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‘Fargo’ Recap: ‘A Muddy Road’ from dirty deeds

Muddy Road
Muddy Road



Someone is in his cubicle sweating bullets. Moments later, we see why. Lorne Malvo. The next thing we see is Malvo blatantly dragging the man by his necktie down the hall as co-workers look on. He then proceeds to dump the poor soul into the trunk of his car.

The poor soul, as it turns out, is someone we met in the first episode. He’s the half-naked sap who escaped from the trunk only to end up becoming a frozen popsicle. Molly is in town investigating his death.

Malvo is keeping busy. He knows who is blackmailing the supermarket king and now that he has decided to take over the blackmail, Malvo blackmails the blackmailer into working for him. That’s how you start a business!

Gus Grimly is still haunted by his encounter with Malvo. He ran the license plate number on the car Malvo had been driving. It belongs to Lester. Aww nuts, Lester.

Lester is home looking forlorn as usual, thinking about the night of the murders. He goes back to work to escape the memories and his boss sends him straight over to the Hess house. Drats! As soon as he emerges from his vehicle, Lester is greeting by the welcoming committee – the Hess boys. Seriously, these two boys should be mentally checked out. The widow Hess, a former stripper, is a piece of work also. She wants to know when she can get her hands on that insurance money.

One of the boys spots their mom practically giving Lester a lap dance for free and accidentally shoots his brother in his gluteus maximus. That’s when Lester notices two strange looking men peering at him from the trees. Why, it’s none other than Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench who are still in Bemidji braving the elements and squashing the hopes of the would-be brave.

Molly, who is still in Duluth, takes time out to have lunch with a very empty-headed friend. Malvo, who is still in town as well, slips into the supermarket king’s home and switches out his medication, but first he kills the man’s beloved dog.

Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench show up at Lester’s workplace standing around like statues before intimidating the mild-mannered Lester. Thankfully, Molly arrives. She describes the nature of her visit as being one who is seeking insurance. The little devil. Molly conveniently drops a file with photos of Malvo dragging the cubicle guy by the tie. Lester immediately morphs into a nervous Nelly and tells Molly he needs to close up shop.

The incompetent police chief, Bill Oswalt, pitches a fit when Molly tells him how freaked out Lester was by the photo. He doesn’t want to hear it and swings his chair around to turn his back on Molly. What a child.

Gus pops down to Bemidji’s police station to report his mistake of letting Malvo drive off with a warning that night. Fortunately, Molly is up front to hear Gus’s request to talk to someone about Lester Nygaard. Her ears perk up a like a puppy. She was at the right place at the right time to intercept Grimly’s talk with Bill the boob. After Gus identifies Malvo in the picture, Molly invites him and his daughter to join her at her dad’s diner for burgers.

Recognizing the fact that things are about to get dicey, Lester takes shooting lessons. Malvo launches his campaign to spook the supermarket king and Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench find an itty-bitty shack to hide out in. “Well, turn me over. I’m done on this side,” a supermarket king quote.

Watch ‘Fargo’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on FX.

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