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‘Fargo’ recap: ‘A fox, a rabbit and a cabbage’ stuffed cabbage and other corpses

Fox Rabbit Cabbage
Fox Rabbit Cabbage



Big, bad, bold and yet still stupid Lester approaches Malvo at his table. Malvo, who is in the company of his significant other and another couple, pretends to not know Lester and encourages his guests to join him in leaving. They do get up to avoid the embarrassing situation as Malvo whispers in Lester’s ear to “walk away now.”

But no, a persistent Lester has to follow them to the elevator to continue his confrontation only to be confronted by Malvo with a question, “Do you really want to do this, Lester? Yes or no?” For a moment, Lester blinks but his answer is yes. Malvo promptly shoots Dr. Burt Canton and wife and even his own fiancée. Lester is stunned. Malvo, who has been posing as dentist living in Kansas City, MO goes on to explain how he had been “working” Burt for months. Burt’s invitation to join him in Vegas was a dream come true considering this would lead him to his true target, Burt’s witness protected brother.

Now Lester done gone and messed it up. Even though Malvo has lost his bounty at least he will no longer have to put up with sewer mouths and gallons of human spit. The look on Burt’s face when faced with a loaded gun was reward enough. Bravery has left Lester’s veins and he hits Malvo over the head and runs. After he returns to his hotel room, he wakes up Linda and they leave Vegas in the middle of the night.

Nygaard Insurance? If only Pearl had lived to see her wimpy yet successful husband Lester now. So much can change within a year. Lester rambles through his brother’s box for a gun. You can’t help but notice the bear trap inside. Maybe we’ll see it again the season finale. He and Linda’s preparations to leave for Acapulco are interrupted when Molly arrives to question Lester, this time for being a possible witness in the elevator murders. The “coincidences” just won’t stop with him and neither will Molly. Of course, Lester stumbles all over his words but is saved by his wife who lies for him. We know Molly isn’t buying any of this nonsense and tells them not to leave town.

Malvo drops by Lou’s Café where one of the most tense moments and eerier conversations ever take place. Malvo is looking to find Lester. Lou is looking to not divulge any information. These two men are reading each other like a book. Malvo spots a wedding photo of Gus and Molly. Uh-oh. Before Malvo leaves, he compliments Lou on the apple pie stating, “He hadn’t a pie that good since the Garden of Eden.” Hilarious! And then you stop laughing and start thinking, “OMG! Could he really be Satan?”

Molly is in route to Lou’s. Heart palpitation time. Whew! Just as Malvo walks out the front door, Molly enters through the back and before Malvo pulls out of his parking space, FBI agents Budge and Pepper park their ride next to his. Talk about close calls.

Molly shows the agents her whiteboard which totally impresses them. When Bill walks in ready to apologize for Molly’s theory, the agents give him some real talk for not recognizing good police work. Yes Bill, hang your head down in shame.

Lester and Linda must stop by the insurance office to retrieve their passports and cash, but Lester is cautious and being the sleaze that he is, Lester sends Linda (dressed in his reddish-orange coat) to get them. Linda goes inside and what she gets is a bullet in the head from a waiting Malvo who then comes outside, lights a cigarette and walks away. Lester – the sleazy cowardly survivalist.

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