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Far Cry 3 (PC) review

A breathtaking view of Rook Island at night.  The graphics are phenomenal!
A breathtaking view of Rook Island at night. The graphics are phenomenal!
Ken Kriho

Far Cry 3 (PC)


Far Cry 3 is an open world first person shooter/RPG hybrid released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows on December 4th 2012. The game was developed by Ubisoft in various cities and published by Ubisoft. The story follows Jason Grant celebrating his younger brother Riley’s success at obtaining his pilot’s license (a weird reason to celebrate) with some friends. During a skydiving trip, they land on a pirate infested island controlled by Vaas, and everyone gets kidnapped. Jason and Riley break free, but Riley gets killed by Vaas, and Jason has to escape. Is this game worth playing, or is there trouble in paradise?

Far Cry 3 title/sync screen
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The scenery can only be described in one word: AMAZING! The islands look fantastic, and the developers REALLY put in a lot of effort to make the scenery look flawless. The characters and animals also look good.

Sound-The sounds of the wildlife and gunfire are also well done, and don’t get overused.

Gameplay-The mix of RPG/first person shooter works in this game’s favor. You gain experience (and money) pretty quickly, and leveling up isn’t a grind. The exploration is something of a mixed bag. While it isn’t easy to get lost, you’re going to be seeing a lot of the same thing time and time again. The vehicles takes some getting used to, as steering is very sensitive, and it is easy to overshoot a turn. Combat is also well done, and you’ll get a stimulus package afterwards.

Pace-The slower pace may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You’re going to spend more time exploring than partake in combat, and can cause boredom pretty quickly.

Overall-Far Cry 3 is an adventure worth taking. The looks, sounds, and atmosphere of the islands really immerse you into “paradise”.

Score: 5/5

You can get Far Cry 3 from the following sites

Steam (Click here) UPlay account required.

Xbox Live: Click here.

PSN: Click here.

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