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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 (PC)


If you haven't heard, Far Cry 3 is Ubisoft's new first person shooter of the Far Cry series. The series has changed quite a bit, story wise, with each game. In Far Cry you played as an ex-military solider who fought his way through mercenaries and genetically altered abominations, in Far Cry 2 you fought for two sides in a war for the diamond mines in Africa, but in Far Cry 3 the story is truly compelling.

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The opening cinematic in Far Cry 3 show you, Jason Brody, a rich college age kid partying in Thailand with your other rich friends. Everything is fine until you and your friends go skydiving landing on island controlled by pirates and slavers. Rather than the typical FPS model of starting off as a super-soldier, Jason starts the story as just a scared kid trying to save his own hide and the lives of his friends. The characters are very well fleshed out, from Jason's reactions to events in the worlds, his friends, and even the crazy pirate leader Vaas pictured on the cover.

Like the other Far Cry games, the game takes place in a tropical island, but unlike the others, you truly feel endangered at all times. Whether its pirates, privateers, or a tiger, something is probably trying to kill you, which only adds to the suspense. Many have related it to Skyrim due to the character progression using "perks" where you can hone your character into your own play style. There are three skill trees; The Heron for long ranged, ideally suited for sniper archetypes who want to pick enemies off from a distance, The Shark which focuses on health, resiliency and in your face kind of fighting, and last but certainly not least, The Spider focusing on stealth, maneuverability and capabilities allowing you to drop enemies without being noticed.

The game is truly amazing. The graphics are beautiful, the characters are interesting, and the story is compelling. The only real short coming is that there isn't more of the game to play. You typically have plenty to do, there's the main story, challenges, hunting, pirate assassination, and various other missions and objectives to keep you busy for quite some time. With the constant feel of a real need to survive, the suspense of never knowing when you may come across a random patrol or prowling leopard the game definitely keeps you on your toes.

If you like to play FPS games, if you like role-playing games, or if you just want a game with a great story, Far Cry 3 is definitely for you. It is one of the few games on the market that fits multiply player types well, and does it excellently at that. While definitely not for the younger crowd, this is a must play game for anyone able to play an M rated game.