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Fantasy and fun are reborn

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Phoenix Fire Games


Recently I had the good fortune to stumble across a new gaming store in Meridian. Located at 46 E Fairview Avenue, PhoenixFire Games is the latest bastion of good times in the treasure valley. Phoenix Fire's location in the shopping center with Albertson's gives them something that most game stores are sorely lacking. Good parking.

After chatting with the men responsible for Phoenix Fire it becomes obvious that they have a great philosophy for success. The store is open, clean and friendly with ample space to play any kind of game you wish. Shelves are well stocked with entertainment of all kinds from board games to miniatures to trading card games. If you don't see what you want on the shelf the store has several catalogues that can be used for special orders at no additional charge. A large calendar with the scheduled events is clearly posted and anyone looking for a game need only peruse the days to find one. Phoenixfire has become a hub for several game communities. There is a thriving Magic culture on Wednesdays and Fridays which usually finds one of the owners there long after store hours for the sake of completing the events. Phoenix Fire also hosts several gaming groups for various platforms, regular Warhammer games, and the largest Pokemon league in the area on weekends.

Among their numerous qualities is the willingness of the owners to listen and cater to their players. Since Phoenix Fire opened they have made plentiful adjustments and changes to scheduling and policy to accommodate players from every walk of life. For the most part the groups blend together seamlessly, sharing tables and ideas to improve everyone's experience. No group is ever turned away either. For example if a Magic tournament runs long the Warhammer players are welcomed into the back room so they don't have to wait to start their games. All things considered, if you are a gamer of any kind you are doing yourself a disservice by not checking Phoenix Fire out.