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Fanduel fantasy football review: Early thoughts

Peyton Manning is an excellent fantasy pick most weeks
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Fanduel Fantasy Football


I have never been into fantasy football due to the time commitment but recently I have been hearing more about these weekly fantasy football leagues through advertisements and even some friends who have played a bit so I have decided to check one of them out myself.

After some consideration I decided to go with as the platform I would use to try these leagues out.

Here is my review-

1st off it is easy to sign up and create an account on the site. When you do you can add some funding and payment method to the account so you can wager on the games or you can play free if you just want to practice and test your skills.

Once you sign up then the fun begins! Since I am strictly playing fantasy football I will limit my review to that aspect of the site.

In the NFL section there are several types of games that you can play:

  • There are 50/50 games where half of the entrants will win prize money.
  • There are tournaments which can have up to ten of thousands of entries. Usually a smaller percentage of players can win but if you finish in the top you can turn a few dollars into thousands of dollars.
  • There are leagues which anyone can start and you can make it public or private. In these leagues you set the entry fee and the payouts.

Once you select the type of game that you would like to play then it is time to set your lineup.

Unlike regular fantasy football leagues where you draft players that you will have all year (or several years in certain leagues) you pick a new lineup each and every week.

This makes injuries, bye’s and other circumstances less of a factor for your team of the day.

The catch is there is a salary cap which limits how many top tier players you can take. For example you have to pick:

  • One Quarterback
  • Two Running Backs
  • Three Wide Receivers
  • One Tight End
  • One Kicker
  • One Defense

So you have a total of nine players to select BUT you have a salary cap of $60,000 to use to fill the roster.

Of course top fantasy players will have a higher value preventing you from loading your team with players that are all highly rated fantasy players.

I enjoy that part of the game because you will have to weigh the benefit of drafting someone like Peyton Manning, who may cost you $9,000 vs. drafting a lower ranked QB but a higher ranked WR like Calvin Johnson.

As far as cost is concerned I mentioned there are free games and games that go to the thousands and everything in between. Personally as a rookie fantasy player I chose to stick to one and two dollar wagers and I entered four games that cost me a total of $6.

As you can see it is extremely affordable to play and even though I could have won hundreds (I didn’t) I still came out ahead by placing in two of my four games for a total of $7.50. YIPEE!

I am still developing a Fanduel strategy so take what I say with a grain of salt. In my 1st week I found out quickly that sometimes you can be fooled by matchups.

In two of my games I started Tom Brady vs. the Raiders and he bombed from a fantasy perspective. Fanduel gives you tools to see what the players weekly stats look like as well as average fantasy points etc..

Overall I am enjoying my experience of Fanduel. For a rookie small stakes player like me it gives me some thrill to think I can take $5 or $10 and potentially turn it into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

At the very least it beats the heck out of playing the lottery! I rate a FOUR stars.

To learn more about Fanduel visit the site here! For a limited time Fanduel is promoting an up to $200 matching program, use the referral code kinglouis2005 to take advantage of the promo.

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