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Family vs. fraternity

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There have not been many successful “frat party” movies thus far. Animal House is considered the ultimate fraternity movie, and Old School was the only other successful one since then really. But expect Neighbors to enter that exclusive club as it’s one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in some time, and I find it even funnier than those 2 movies I just mentioned.

We’re used to Seth Rogen playing frat-boy types in movies like Knocked Up and Pineapple Express. But here it’s the younger Zac Efron who steps into the role of an actual fraternity president as Rogen plays a family man this time around. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play parents living in a very nice neighborhood with a baby. They’re not exactly boring people who don’t know how to have fun, but they do prefer some peace and quiet for their baby in particular. So when they see a bunch of rowdy fraternity kids move into the house next door, they decide to greet them and make friends so that the frat boys might be considerate of their situation. Efron’s character seems to like them immediately and just asks them to promise him that they’ll come to him when the fraternity is too noisy rather than calling the cops.

The married couple have a good time hanging out with the guys at their first party and Seth Rogen is the perfect guy to play a parent who can still fit in at a frat party. But after that first night, the parties continue and the couple find themselves having a hard time getting the frat boys to quiet down. Soon enough, they find themselves calling the cops and Efron’s pretty-boy frat leader feels betrayed. Next thing you know, war has been waged between Delta Psi Beta and the two parents next door. This is where the movie really becomes fun to watch. You never know what one side is going to do to the other.

The fraternity in particular do a lot of funny things on their own like throwing a party in which they dress up as different Robert De Niro characters. And the scenes that take place at their big blowout parties at night make you wish you were right there with them. The director definitely captures the feel of what it’s like to be young and careless and just having a good time. The film also throws in a little message about what happens when you do nothing but party without studying in between though too. It doesn’t hurt that they also managed to find one of the cutest babies ever to play the baby the couple is trying so hard to protect. This film should be a big hit due to its many laughs and just a fun story in general. I definitely recommend it; Neighbors opens on May 9 and it’s hilarious.