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Family: The Good F-Word review

The Life-Changing Action Plan for Building Your Best Family
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Family: The Good F-Word


Author Troy Dunn is best known for his television shows Troy the Locator and APB with Troy Dunn. Many other know him as a mentor who has helped restore their marriages to a loving relationship.

In his book Family: The Good F-Word, Troy shares the same techniques he uses when he counsels families that are seeking renewed relationships - including those who are on the brink of divorce. He gives examples of destructive conversations and actions that are all too common in dysfunctional relationships and demonstrates how to change them into positive attitudes and acts that will restore a marriage and rebuild a family.

There is nothing here that will fix a severe problem overnight. There is no such solution anywhere. But, if the steps are followed sincerely and consistently, they can change your marriage into something that is better than you could ever have imagined - even if you think that's impossible right now.

This is a secular book. There are no Bible verses quoted. However, there are many themes the Christian will recognize: the value of family, the need to provide a loving atmosphere for children, and the need to forgive.

If your marriage is lacking or in trouble, or if you know someone else whose marriage is failing, Family: The Good F-Word is a tool you should consider.