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Family Fun Night "Men in Black 2"

Men in Black 2 Blu-ray


Men in Black 2 doesn’t pick up where the first one left off. Agent J (Will Smith) is the ‘IT’ guy of the organization. He expects everyone to be on his level because subconsciously he might miss K. No one is apparently good enough for him and he keeps neutralizing his partners. Zed gets fed up with this and makes him partner with the obnoxious alien, Frank who is disguised as a talking pug.

Will Smith at the MIB 3 premiere
Photo by Charley Gallay

He gets on J’s nerves a lot. J is called on a case about a murder at a pizza place where Rosario Dawson is the only witness. It is obvious that he sees her as a potential love interest.

It is revealed that he will have to bring back K in order to solve this case because an evil alien in the guise of Lara Flynn Boyle’s Maxim spread is looking for the “Light of Zartha.” K is the one who sent thwarted this alien previously.

K is living the life of a divorced postal master in Massachusetts where he believes J is crazy. J reveals to him that his co-workers at the post office are really aliens. Biz Markie plays an alien who speaks by way of ‘beat boxing.’ Since J (Will Smith) did this as a kid for fun he is able to speak the language without much trouble or with very little MIB training. He identifies himself to the alien and then they remove their human disguises to shock K.

K is a little freaked out but agrees to go to MIB headquarters to find out why he was so intrigued/obsessed with looking at the stars.

Unfortunately for them, MIB headquarters is compromised and the majority of the agents are captured. Frank hides in a dead alien's tentacles while J and K are flushed before they can return his memory.

They track down Tony Shaloub’s character at his pawn shop because he has a contraband deneuralizer. J thinks that K remembers when he shoots the fake human head off of the alien. J says, “Hey you remember his head grows back.”

K responds with a despondent, “It grows back?!!?”

It starts coming slowly back to him since he left clues to find out the location of the “Light of Zartha” in the event he was deneuralized. J is disappointed to learn that Rosario’s character is the daughter of the princess and she is “The Light of Zartha.”

K is upset to find out that the cars under J’s lead agent status have changed. In hyper mode to rescue the princess the steering wheel has been replaced with a controller more along the lines of a Playstation or X Box controller. Even though K was adamant about being the lead agent who drove all of the time he is obliged to turn the wheel over to J.

J finds the truth in his statement to K in the first when caught starring longingly at the satellite image of Elizabeth, “It is better to love and loss than to never have loved at all.”

K responds snidely, “You try it.”

While the movie is a PG 13 rated family comedy there is an underlying human interest to the piece. K was interested in the Princess after losing Elizabeth the first time and then J loses Rosario’s character.

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