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Family fun day at SplashDown Beach

Bob the Builder Splash Works
Bob the Builder Splash Works
Courtesy of SplashDown Beach

SplashDown Beach water park


It was the early 90’s when I first visited SplashDown in Fishkill, NY. It was relatively small but still fun. Now that I have two kids I have been meaning to revisit what is now called, SplashDown Beach especially since it has had a major makeover from when I first attended. The Turk family, who also own Rocking Horse Ranch, bought SplashDown in 2004 and added a slew of cool attractions including but not limited to: Bob the Builder Splashworks, Dizzy’s Water Whirler, Safari Outpost, and Monster Wave Pool.

Needless to say, my family and I were ecstatic when we received the opportunity to review SplashDown Beach, America’s Biggest Little Water Park™. We decided to visit the park on July 7th, which was a great way to finish July 4th weekend. When we walked in, the first thing we saw was the Monster Wave Pool, which was surrounded by Rock Beach, an area with white sands and plenty of lounge chairs to go around. We found a spot and immediately charged the water. The water temp was awesome and once the waves started it was fun to watch my little girl trying to catch some waves and jumping in them. She got knocked down a few times but I think that’s what she loved most! Next we decided to check out the Croc Creek Wavy Lazy River. We found some tubes and relaxed as the current took us for a pleasant ride.

One of the new attractions I was most interested in checking out was the Safari Outpost. They have a couple of different shows per day except for Monday. It just happened that the Monday we went they decided to open the safari because they were closed on Friday for the 4th of July. Good for us because the safari was great. It was both educational and entertaining with animals such as beautiful Bengal tigers, Lemurs, a funny little Capuchin Monkey named Beauregard, a Serval (what a beauty), a Mountain Lion, two beautiful colorful macaws and other animals that I can’t remember at the moment. My children, especially the one year old absolutely loves animals. He went nuts when the big cats came out. The animals are owned and cared for by Safari Robert who was very knowledgeable. It’s easy to see how much he loves his animals because they all looked great. The condition of the animals especially the Bengal tigers was phenomenal. The Bengals were big, healthy and their coats were shiny and well groomed. After the show was over you can talk with Safari Robert, look at the animals or head out and have your picture taken with one of the rainbow colored macaws, which sat on your arm.

Next to the Safari Outpost is one of the new rides, Dizzy’s Water Whirler. This is a ride that adults and kids alike can have a blast on. I went on a few times that’s how much fun I had on it. While you are on the ride you can shoot water guns at fellow riders, guests waiting inline to get on the ride as well as people passing by the ride to get to another attraction. Even if you’re not on the ride you can still participate in the fun because they have four water guns set up outside the ride and you can squirt the riders!

After we got our fill of squirting people, we headed to Bob the Builder Splash Works, a play and spray area filled with all kinds of wet fun for the kids. I’ve always loved spray parks, especially the buckets tipping water on your head. It’s a quick and easy way to get wet. This play area is geared towards kids ages 1-5, and it contains more than 50 interactive features such as two slides, tipping buckets, tot bounces, dancing water, geysers and many other surprises.

The four of us had the most fun together at Shipwreck Lagoon, a themed pirate ship with interactive fountains, geysers, dumping buckets and 4 wet n’ wild water slides. The water was a lovely temperature and the water was a perfect height for both my kids. My 5 year old doesn’t swim yet but this area was great practice for her. Both kids went down the slides and they were grinning from ear to ear.

During this trip, I realized she’s getting older and wanting to try new things such as some of the big slides. We went down one of the original slides at the park, Cowabunga Falls together and it was so much fun. We did it three times! Then she wanted to try the Arctic Plunge. We couldn’t go on this slide together so I was a little nervous only because the slide is partially covered. Thought maybe the darkness would scare her but she took it in stride and even wanted to go again!

My uncle joined us on our little excursion to SplashDown Beach and I don’t know what came over us but we braved the Humunga Half-Pipe!! It looked pretty cool and not that bad from a distance. All I can say is, boy was I wrong about thinking that. We carried the tub up a couple flights of stairs, got to the top and put the tube down. I sat facing backwards and then boom the guy pushed us off and we were flying! I screamed like a child (lol) and my stomach jumped quite a few times but at the same time it was absolutely thrilling! It really got our adrenaline pumping that’s for sure. Will I do it again the next time I visit the park? Probably!! Not so sure about my uncle though. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try the Bullet Bowl or Pirate’s Plunge. I’ll save those for my next visit!!

When you need to take a break, the park has a great selection of food and snacks from Cosimo’s Pizza on the Boardwalk, Cosimo’s Shipwreck Grille, Nathan’s Famous, Frosty Shack for refreshing ice cream and smoothie treats and the Candy Shoppe for Italian Ice and other sweet goodies. If you’re lemonade freak like me definitely try the Pomegranate Lemonade at Cosimo’s. It’s delicious and I wish I had some as I’m writing this.

At the end of the day, my first time going to SplashDown Beach with the kids did not disappoint. I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer day than at SplashDown Beach. The best thing is it’s not that far only about an hour and 15 minutes from where I live in NJ. If you’re looking for a day trip, SplashDown Beach is a great local travel destination. Currently they have a nice promotion in place for adult admission (guests over 42”). If you buy online it’s $28 compared to $33 at the door. Guests under 42” and seniors (62+) are $28 per ticket. They also have a half day price from 3pm until close where adults are $27 and guests under 42” are $22. Majority of days the park is open from 10am-7pm except for a few days in August where they close at 5pm and the season officially ends September 1st. Be sure to take advantage of the online offer before it ends!!