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Family drama comes to the car lot in ‘Small Time’

Small Time


The family drama is one that can make for a really great film or one that just feels like it goes nowhere. The latest Small Time comes from the co-creator of “24” and sports a great cast including Christopher Meloni, Dean Norris, Bridget Moynahan, Kevin Nealon, Xander Berkeley, and Devon Bostwick, but does it bring the family drama expected or will it sell us a lemon?

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Anchor Bay

‘Small Time’ follows a young guy who decides to skip college in favor of joining his father on the lot of his used-car business. This movie lives up to its name but in a good way keeping things simple and effective. There are some funny moments here and there, but for the most part this is a full on drama. While it never gets to heavy it maintains a really good family dynamic with some realism to it that is usually lost in these kinds of films. The main focus is between the father and son with both of them really trying to find more than they realize. Meloni and Bostwick have great chemistry as father and son with each of them bringing all the emotional baggage and struggles needed to make this story work. The backdrop of the car dealership makes for some interesting character studies watching them connect the wheeling and dealing of car selling along with the issues in their relationship both good and bad.

This film does a good job of walking the line to not become too heavy of a drama and bringing some light hearted comedy while still keeping the emotional aspect intact. This is one of those limited release films that works great with a simple premise and lets the simple story bring to life complicated real life issues.