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Fame 15 Variety Talk Show comes to Atlanta


With MyFame15“the future is now!”

Creativity at its independent best!
on Comcast 25 (Dekalb) youTube (Worldwide)

Fame 15, is a new variety talk show which premiered last night on local cable television in Atlanta after being previously recorded in front of a live studio audience at Mark Squared Studios, in Clarkston, Georgia. It can be safe to say, there’s definitely more than meets the independent artists’ eye when it comes to the creative process. Yet, Fame 15 is “unboxing creativity” and packing the best elements of a variety show and talk show all-in-one whilst making it look all too easy. The unorthodox show’s content can appease an audience who lives and breathes creative and independent arts; setting up the stage for artists and creative professionals to showcase their work.

Doing it big from the jump - the first episode was loaded with game show parodies, behind-the-scenes outtakes, performances, variety skits, a talking bear named Clarkston (that sounds like “Clarsktun” with a ’U’), and they topped it off with passionate energy from the guests who are coupled in creativity to the myriad of personalities served with the “Faces of Fame 15” hosts.

The host also showed up and out for this taping. Let’s see there was Atlanta's favorite Mimi Johnson, who's as vibrant on-camera as she is off. Then there's Dre P, who definitely stood out for more than being “light-skinned” and Dalton, “the token white guy” who was hilarious and on point with his unscripted ad-lib and witty on-set segues. On the couch, the natural conversational tone continued on the show, keeping it flowing flowing with Tisha Edge, the “Sassy Fashionista” who was wearing this haute latex outfit/dress and still found a way to “throw a leg up” and-all-that! Lest we not forget, the England born, model-type Tyara Hooks who did an impeccable impression of Nicki Minaj in the “My Favorite Game Show” parody skit, which was also one of my favorite personified elements on the show. Though, all the host and guest were super talented, I’m not going to mention them all - no need to be a deterrent in you watching the show for yourself on YouTube.

But, as a spoiler before you click-on:

The guest included Mushiya and Lou of “The Damn Salon”, a dynamic duo who revolutionizes natural hair care with customized hairdos that are featured to fit your facial features. As a creative, entrepreneurial "hubby" Lou handles the business, while his wifey Mushiya infuses her creative juices and serves up edgy customer service; that includes the mysterious “branded drink” and good eats while you get pampered. Another savvy creative, was actress Sheri Mann Stewart and storyteller Barry Stewart Mann who were interviewed on the show and shared how they are in the company of the famed John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who all have exchanged their surnames in honor of their self-established creative mate. Further to talk about, the artistic pair also detailed how structuring family and creative work together requires organized communication and time management, for the best outcome. Showing more love for creative arts and artists the closing segment of the show ended with an intimate mixed-tempo live ballad by the married talents, Che’Zee – who performed their original duet, which was also inspiring - to say the least.

From what I can see, Fame 15 is on the come up! The potential for a talk show of this artistic aptitude equates to insurmountable success for the independent arts community in Atlanta. With that being said, there aren't too many people on this planet that don’t want a shot at being famous, at the minimum of 15 minutes. Well, here's your chance. Check out Fame 15 if you are in the Atlanta area and get tickets to see a live show or contact the producers to pitch your ideals for your 15 minutes of fame.

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